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Island’s top destinations

Patricia May P. Catan

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From sky to sea, Cebu is home to many beautiful attractions that stretch far from the shore all the way to mountain peaks. If gallivanting all over town is what you seek, then the picturesque island of Cebu is an ideal place to start. The island is surrounded by places that bring amusement to locals and tourists, but also offers different kinds of adventure. To guarantee that you experience the best of what Cebu has to offer, we’ve rounded up the Best of Cebu’s top destinations from north to south.

Sta. Fe
Bantayan Island is without a doubt full of wonders, but the town of Sta. Fe is where you’ll find a long stretch of beach with powdery white sand and crystal clear waters. It’s the perfect destination for those who crave peace and quiet, especially within its reasonably priced resorts. As the north’s natural gem, Sta. Fe has been adjudged anew as Cebu’s Best Beach for 2018. What makes it even better are the nearby must-visit attractions such as Virgin Beach and Balidbid Ocean Lagoon.

Kandaya Resort
Tucked in the northernmost tip of Cebu is Kandaya Resort where adventure awaits. It might take a long drive to Daanbantayan, but the 2018 Best Resort Destination will make it worth the journey. Kandaya’s white sandy beach and turquoise waters will make you want to spend the entire day soaking under the sun and swimming to your heart’s content. But aside from the resort’s magnificent beach, they also offer fun and engaging activities like scuba diving and horse back riding. Their restaurant, Kusina also offers delectable organic food and beverages. A visit to Daya Spa for a night cap is also recommended to get the full Kandaya experience.

Oslob Whale Watching
Oslob has been a hot spot for tourists since whale sharks visited the province’s waters back in 2011. Oslob Whale Watching was named Best Tourist Destination four years ago. Having drawn many tourists to the town, the community-based activity, according to published research, has invigorated the local economy and helped save marine life through sustainable integrated coastal management. All this makes the experience of a close encounter with the gentle giants even more priceless, but like in any other tourism activity, always follow instructions and guidelines.

Santiago Bay
Santiago Bay Beach in Camotes Island is not one of the best beaches for nothing. Its fine and powdery white sand shoreline is enough to invite plenty of sun and sea worshippers to Camotes Island. The shoreline stretches for almost a kilometer long, offering a serene view that’s open to travelers who venture to the northeast. Adjudged as Best Public Beach in 2015, Santiago Bay is also near equally beautiful attractions such as Lake Danao Park and underground pools.

Canyoneering in Alegria
This one’s for the thrill seekers who find joy in jumping off cliffs and swimming in ice-cold waters. The town of Alegria is located some 117 kilometers from the Queen City. It is home to breathtakingly beautiful canyons and the Kanlaob River. Canyoneering in Alegria, the Best Outdoor Adventure is a must try for adrenaline junkies, but make sure you go over some safety precautions first and wear proper gear before anything else.

Carcar-Dalaguete-Alegria-Barili Loop
The Best Road Trip Experience for 2018 is nothing short of an adventure. When driving down south, it’s a must to include a short stopover in the heritage town of Carcar to indulge in some lechon and a bag of chicharon. Once your stomach is filled and satisfied, a visit to Mantolongon, the province’s vegetable basket, in Dalaguete is where your adventure begins. In this quaint town, you’ll find the famous Osmeña Peak or the lesser known Kandungaw Peak. But if you’re not up for some hiking, you can stop by a strawberry farm or the Mantolongon Market for the freshest produce. Next stop is Alegria where you can take a dip in Cambais Falls. Then on your drive back to the city, make a quick snack stop at Molave Milk Station in Barili for the best fresh goat milk and ice cream.

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