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Readers share sizzling experiences in hottest places they’ve traveled to

Cassandra C. Poculan

For folks like us who live in a tropical country where it’s practically summer all year round, holidaying in warm-weather destinations should be no sweat, right? Wrong. There are spots far hotter than ours, they’re furnace-like. Still, we’d be more than willing to brave uncomfortably toasty conditions if only to be rewarded with million-dollar views and landscapes. These readers share their experiences in the hottest places they’ve been to.

Eibe Pepito, 26
Digital Marketing Specialist
Fullspeed Technologies

“The hottest place I’ve ever been to was when my partner and I went to Bantayan Island to take a break, away from the busy streets, away from bosses and impossible deadlines. As I looked out to the sea, I could hear and see the waves crashing down, so hungry to get to the shoreline and I thought how could something be so aggressive and peaceful at the same time? The white sand of the beach was glaring through my glasses and I felt the seductive heat of the beach, but hell, I didn’t care. There’s nothing in the world salt water can’t heal.”

Marielle Entero, 24
Music Lab

“Thailand is definitely a favorite travel destination. From the culture, the food, all the Instagrammable places to visit and most especially their night markets and shopping malls — you’ll never run out of things to do and places to go to, but I swore to myself I’ll never travel back there when the hottest season is at its peak, which runs from March to June. You might say that I should be used to it because of the Philippine weather, but you couldn’t possibly enjoy strolling the streets (that actually requires A LOT of walking), commute in a foreign country and still look fresh with no trace of sweat if the weather is scorching at 40 degrees Celsius, could you?”

Julian Gonzales, D.M.D., 27
General Dentistry, Orthodontics and Oral Implantology
Chong Hua Medical Arts

“The hottest place that I’ve ever been to would be El Nido, Palawan. The beauty of the entire island would make you forget the hours you spent basking under the heat of the sun. The rock formations, the crystal waters, the marine life and the secret lagoons are definitely a must-watch! I would fry myself up if I were to revisit El Nido.”

Edward Castro, 30
Fashion Designer and Stylist / The Blaq Mafia
Fashion Educator/Fashion Institute of Design and Arts

“Bali, summer 2017, Canggu district, where the tropical weather is very similar to the Philippines, with no exception to sweltering summers. Since most of the activities are in the water, people usually flock there to lounge, surf or get buzzed and watch the sunset. It definitely gets hotter there at peak hours and not just because of the sun. Let’s just say people who go there aren’t exactly shy and there’s definitely no shortage of visual stimuli.”

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