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Tisa Through a Hungry Stomach

Christian Jay B. Quilo
SunStar Weekend Writer

WHEN it comes to cheap eats, Tisa certainly does not disappoint. It may be dubbed as the “Siomai Capital,” but there’s more than just siomai to enjoy here, although that is still a must-eat. The best time to come here for a food trip is at night, when the streets truly come alive. Whether you’re an excited tourist or just a hungry local, any time in Tisa is time well spent. So make your way down south and experience a food crawl like no other – make sure to come with your appetite at its optimum, because you’ll need it to be.

Way Tugpahay Siomai sa Tisa

Way Tugpahay’s siomai is the perfect street grub, whether you’re looking for a cheap meal or you just simply love siomai. You can go all out without burning a hole in your wallet. Don’t forget to be generous on the chili sauce – it’s the best part.


Just beside 7-Eleven is a small cart selling deep fried cuts of meat, mostly offal. It doesn’t have a name (at least not on display), but the crowd is enough indication. Just take your pick from the trays, have it chopped and enjoy it with vinegar, sliced onions and native chilis if you’re into spicy.


This place is known for its batchoy and steamed rice but it also has an assortment of other dim sum items such as spring rolls, sweet and sour pork and of course, siomai.


There’s a good barbecue place located across Mang Tinapay (the one in the ‘tiangge’ area) and the best part is that they have proper seating space for customers. When dining here, ask for extra sauce – it’s great for dipping not just for the barbecue but also for the puso.

Pancit House

As you can tell from its name, pancit is the prized dish here. For less than P100, you get a plate of saucy pancit with thick noodles and a decent amount of meat and vegetables. The lomi and lumpia are also favorites of regulars. Pancit House is located right across the Tisa Barangay Hall.

Sols Halo-Halo

Like a lot of modern halo-halo joints, Sol’s adapts the traditional halo-halo by replacing plain crushed ice with sweetened shaved ice. Sol’s signature halo-halo has all the good stuff: gulaman, ripe mangoes, langka, coconut, corn flakes and a scoop of ube ice cream.

Jasmine Tea House

You can get your milk tea fix here without the crazy queues at the mall. Aside from milk and fruit teas, they also have snacks to pair. The Classic Milk Tea is pretty good and there’s a whole lot of toppings to choose from aside from the standard pearls.


These two are not in Tisa but they’re close enough to stop by if you’re in the area. You’re already there anyway, so why not?

21 South Burger (Punta Princesa)

You can never go wrong with the Bacon Mushroom but if you have space for more, the high-stack Beast is worth taking on. Slices Pizza by 21 South is also just a few meters away. 21 South Burger is located on 40 E. Sabellano St. in Punta Princesa.

Kuya Simos Larangan (Labangon)

For those of you who don’t know what larang is, it’s a kind of stew made with fish and lots of tomatoes (hence, the reddish hue and sourness of the soup). You can come here for the larang but the barbecue here is good too. Kuya Simo’s is located on Katipunan St., near A. Lopez.

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