A holiday look for him and her

By Patricia May P. Catan and Christian Jay B. Quilo
Illustrations: Enrico P. Santisas


WE’RE counting the days till the holidays and the joyful celebrations they bring. Merrymaking during the holidays is always fun with family and friends around for there’s never a dull moment from putting up decors at home to organizing dinner parties. But with all these holiday preparations that keep us busy, we forget to ask ourselves the million dollar question, and that is: “What am I going to wear?” It might sound a bit crazy because who worries about that little detail? Trust me, it’s a holiday dilemma you don’t want to face, especially when you enjoy dressing up for the holiday season. For the guys and girls who want to put the extra effort in looking their best, here’s a holiday look guide you can take inspiration from.


A deep-hued sweater

You can totally rock Christmas colors without looking corny or tacky: a sweater in a solid, deep color like burgundy, olive and navy is perfect for the slight chill during this time of the year while keeping it festive in the sartorial department.

A Christmas-printed shirt

It’s a tried and tested formula: crisp shirt + sweater = smart and practical layering. To add a little fun to this combo, opt for a printed shirt. Given that only the collar will be exposed, you can be a little more adventurous with the print of the shirt: Christmas trees, candy cane, snowman. Your favorite brands will be rolling out Christmas-themed pieces this season for sure!

A classic watch

Whether you prefer your arm candy in understated silver, glitzy gold or muted leather, a wristwatch is a timeless accessory for the dapper dude. It’s also a practical one to have in keeping track of your schedule when you’ve got more than one party to attend in a day.

A pair of sleek bottoms

Go with a slim cut pair of tailored trousers for dressier occasions and a classic, well-fitting pair of blue wash denim (no rips, please) for more laid back gatherings.

A printed bowtie

If you’re feeling experimental, give print-on-print a try! To avoid looking too crazy, keep a few things in mind: make sure the two prints are in the same color family; or if you want contrasting hues, choose prints that are smaller in scale so they don’t look too crazy against each other.

A leather clutch

It’s time to (temporarily) leave your favorite cross body or backpack at home and switch it up for the night with a suave clutch for your holiday festivities. FYI, clutches aren’t just for women; men can rock them with gusto, too. It won’t hold a lot compared to your everyday bag but then again, you don’t really need to bring much to a party anyway.


A pair of pearl earrings

You can never go wrong with a classic look, especially with accessories. Pearls are timeless pieces that cleanly finish any holiday ensemble. Don’t worry about choosing what pearl size fits best because it’s a statement piece in itself.

A silk blouse

Whether you prefer to have a plain or printed silk blouse, this top will make you look effortlessly sophisticated. You can stay in theme by wearing one in red or green, but it’s always fun to choose the unpredictable colors for a different look this Christmas.

A glittering dress

If you’re too lazy to pair a top and bottom for a holiday look, then you have the option to wear a dress instead. A dress is but a single article of clothing, so you better go all out. A glittering dress is a good choice and the perfect head turner piece that will allow you to shine your brightest for the holidays.

A belt bag

Belt bags are back on trend and why not give them their last hurrah for the holidays this year. Aside from belt bags being stylish, they’re actually pretty convenient and less hassle to carry.

A close-fitting pair of jeans

Blouses are usually loose and it’s best to pair them with bottoms that contour your body. Jeans in darker tones match well with anything and also looks more flattering in any body type.

An ankle strap heels

It’s proven and tested that heels make you appear 10 times better. Ankle strap heels in neutral colors is the way to go when wearing something festive or sporting an ensemble with a play of colors.

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