Time to pack up!

Philippine Red Cross checklist for your emergency lifeline kit


IN CASE of emergency, the Philippine Red Cross suggests putting up a 72-hour Survival Kit that should include the basic supplies listed below:

1. Water

1 liter for drinking and 3 liters for washing

For every liter, 1 water purification tablet per person per day

2. Food

Non-perishable food to last three days

Disposable plates and utensils.

3. Emergency tools and gear

Red Cross 143 Emergency / Disaster Guide
Maps with indication of evacuation sites and routes
Whistle and compass
Flashlight with extra batteries
Multi-purpose knife
Matches, lighter and candles
AM radio transistor with extra batteries
Glow sticks
Plastic sheeting or garbage bag for water protection
Heating blankets
Non-nylon ropes
Sleeping bag

4. Personal effects and hygiene kit

Extra Clothing
Antibacterial soap
Hand towels
Comb/ hair brush
Hand sanitizer or alcohol
Sanitary napkin

5. Documents and money

Plastic laminated ID card with details
Emergency numbers to call
Cash and loose change
Prepaid cards
Info list
Legal documents and records
(All kept in plastic envelope)

6. Special needs

Emergency medication
Prescription medication

7. First aid kit

Adhesive Strips
Hypo-allergenic medical tape
Wound Dressing
Antiseptic swabs
Safety pins
Resealable plastic bags

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