Spooktakular visits to Halloween homes - Weekend

Spooktakular visits to Halloween homes

By Irene Mariell Labucay and Naomi Jemimah Liao, STC MassCom Interns
Photos: Irene Labucay


HALLOWEEN is definitely the perfect excuse to channel your creativity and become whoever you want to be even just for a night of terror. To celebrate Halloween, homeowners from different villages spookified their houses with cobwebs, coffins, bones, and everything creepy to welcome thrill-seeking people. Halloween is the time of the year where you can put on fangs and fur, claws and taloons, and grab your pumpkin pails to join the neighborhood-friendly trick or treat adventures around the villages in the city. Here’s what went down last Halloweek:

Paradise Village
Banilad, Cebu City

Paradise Village has been hosting a trick or treat party every Halloween for as long as the earliest homeowners can remember. And by that, they mean decades ago in the late 80s, around the time when Chucky first appeared in movie theaters. When you’d see black and orange colors dominating the village, you know the drill! As in previous years, homeowners went the extra mile last Oct. 31 and decorated their homes for kids who went trick or treating around the village – just enough for a little scare for this child-friendly Halloween tradition.

Sto. Niño Village
Location: Banilad, Cebu City

The Halloween vibe was all over the village with these decorations set up by homeowners. (Photo:
Irene Labucay)
This Dracula fur friend quietly waited for kids for some play time. (Photo: Irene Labucay)

This village made its Halloween comeback this year, its first since 1974. At last, kids from the village enjoyed collecting treats from one house to the other last Oct. 27 starting at 4 p.m. when the dark of night started to creep in. The Halloween Party had its theme, “Halloween Spooktacular 2018” where the kids wore their most fashionable Halloween costumes: Dracula outfits, superheroes, Disney characters and cute animal onesies, and more. They trailed the houses around the village clubhouse where they had their trick or treat in batches. Kids did not need to ask a dime from mom and dad because the trick or treat itself was free. But wait, the party did not end there! Homeowners also enjoyed the night at the village clubhouse with a pleasant surprise of acrobatic shows, magic shows and the party’s highlight: a village movie marathon. What’s a more perfect treat than this combo?

Kids in their favorite cartoons and Halloween costume enjoy trick or treat with their parents. (Photo: Irene Labucay)

Pinecrest Residences
Guadalupe, Cebu City

A ghoul appears from out of nowhere in front of one of the eerie Halloween homes at Pinecrest Village. (Photo: N.S. Villaflor)

Pinecrest Residences held its fourth Halloween Party with the theme “Horror Night” last Oct. 27. The event started at 3 p.m. at the village clubhouse. Aside from collecting treats from the friendly neighborhood, there was a fun-filled program prepared for the kids such as games, entertainment, and mascots. Pinecrest sure knows how to throw a party by also making available food carts at the clubhouse. It was especially a fun-filled night for the kids who enjoyed the trick or treat which started at 6 p.m. Homeowners went competitive and decorated and turned their homes into eerie houses ready for the decorating contest prepared by the village. It was a fun-filled Halloween like no other.

North Town Homes
Cabancalan, Mandaue City

It’s never an ordinary trick or treat at North Town Homes as homeowners prepare a little show for kids every Halloween. (Throwback Photo:
Sutera de Ribera)

North Town Homes has been holding trick or treat parties every Halloween. Never missing this long-running tradition, the close-knit community always makes an effort to decorate homes and prepare treats for those who go trick or treating door-to-door in the neighborhood. The trick or treat party scheduled last Oct. 27 had kids from the neighborhood going in groups with their pals to collect treats from homes with horrifying house motifs. With the trick or trick party being free of charge, it was a night of blast for the kids who got to go home with loads of candies and everything a child would wish to receive on Halloween.

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