Turning back-to-school woes to wows - Weekend

Turning back-to-school woes to wows

By Christian Jay B. Quilo
Photos: Associated Press


FIRST day high? More like first day low. While the start of the new school year is an exciting time, it also marks the end of summer vacation, which makes it somewhat bittersweet. Here are 10 back-to-school woes we can all relate to — and how we can look at these things in a more positive light!

Going to bed early

At least, that’s what you should be doing. With classes resuming, late nights are no longer recommended. First of all, it’s not healthy. Second, you don’t want to go to school looking like a groggy mess. When you’re well rested, you’ll look, feel and perform so much better in class!

Waking up early

No more hitting that snooze button. If you’re not a morning person, waking up at six or seven in the morning is probably the most challenging thing you’ve done in your life. But you don’t want to be late to your class and endure a walk of shame to your seat.


Considering how awful traffic is these days, the last place you want to be in is on the road in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Since traffic is inescapable, take this idle time to do some reading or if you’re with a classmate, catch up on each other’s summer shenanigans.

Starting over

Whether you’re pursuing post-graduate studies or just going back to school to learn something new, a new school or school year also means new people. It is sad not having some of your friends there, but at least you’ll meet new people. Some of them might even become your best friends!

Studying hard

It’s back to hitting the books and acing those exams. Come on, studying isn’t so bad. You get to learn new things, expand your knowledge… Am I sounding convincing enough?

Doing homework

Think of it this way, the faster you finish your homework, the sooner you’ll be able to start watching the new season of Orange is the New Black or re-watch an episode or two of Queer Eye on Netflix. So work on those papers, stat!

Picking an outfit

Your school probably has one or two wash days per week. Ditch your too-cool-for-school tee and sweatpants combo and put on something nice for once. Imagine if your crush saw you looking like you just rolled out of bed — the horror! I kid, I kid.

Participating in class

Every time the teacher asks a question and scans the room with prying eyes searching for a willing tribute to answer, it’s probably first nature to avoid his or her gaze and just tilt your head down. Since it’s a brand new year, how about raising your hand for a change? That is, if you know the answer.

Budgeting your allowance

Printing, school supplies, fares for daily commute, meals — going back to school also entails some inevitable expenses. It can be a challenge to stay on top of your budget so always prioritize. What’s more important: buying that cute shirt from H&M or getting those thesis revisions printed?

Thinking about the next few months

The school year just started and you’re already fantasizing about next summer, which is still a year away. Rather than dreading the next ten months, look at it this way: you’re one step closer to getting that degree. Mind over matter!

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