Tender Loving Cebu - Weekend

Tender Loving Cebu

8 ways we can show our city some love and appreciation

Patricia May P. Catan
SunStar Weekend Writer

RD Santizas

Cebu has come a long way since it was declared a chartered city back in 1937. Today, we celebrate our Queen City’s 80th Charter Day Anniversary. To commemorate this historic day, we list eight ways on how you can show love and appreciation for this wonderful city.

Learn to value everything homegrown.
The only way for Cebu to positively move forward is when we learn to love our own. Our city is full of potential that we have continued to innovate products and even breed talents of our own. There’s so much to love about our homeland, and learning how to value everything that makes Cebu what it is now is a good start.

Begin your adventure right at home.
Everyone dreams of flying around the world to explore countries unknown to us. But before you wander overseas, it’s best to begin your adventure right at home. Be a tourist in your own city and explore the wonders you haven’t discovered.

Keep the environment clean.
Cebu is our home and we must learn how to preserve it. It’s common sense to take good care of the place you live in by helping keep the environment clean. We may not encourage everyone who populates Cebu to do so, but starting within ourselves even in our own little ways is a huge help.

Visit museums and heritage sites.
As a Cebuano, it’s a must to know of our past to better understand how our city came to be. Visiting museums and heritage sites is one way to show love for our hometown. It might sound boring or seem too nerdy for some, but you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find out.

Be an active Cebuano.
Doing something for our Queen City is better than watching from the sidelines. You can start by participating in activities or volunteering in charity works at your local barangay. Just take it one step at a time and you’ll definitely be able to lend a hand for a bigger scale in no time.

Sing your home praises.
In today’s digital era, the best and fastest way to promote Cebu is through social media. It’s an easy platform where you can sing Cebu praises and maybe encourage tourists to come visit. A Cebuano speaking highly of one’s hometown will increase tourist traffic and that’s a good thing, right?

Befriend fellow Cebuanos.
Befriending fellow Cebuanos doesn’t only mean you have to take them out for dinner or drinks. It also means to be friendly to a stranger one who might need a little hand or some assistance. Holding the door for the person behind you or helping an old lady cross the street are two of the simpler ways to show how friendly or helpful a Cebuano can be.

Be proud of the Cebuano language.
The Cebuano language is a beautiful one, and yet it needs to be appreciated more. As Cebuanos, it is our duty to take pride in our language and use it with heart. Being proud of our Cebuano language is the number one way to show our appreciation for the Queen City.

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