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Commuting 101

By Patricia May P. Catan
Photos: Associated Press


A LOT of students rely on public transportation to get to school every day and now that we’re welcoming another school year, commuting is only getting harder with traffic getting worse by the minute. However, traffic isn’t the only factor to consider with many other circumstances to take into account. To help students with their everyday commute, here are 10 helpful tips that will make commuting safe and a breeze.

Leave home extra early.

Back to school season means traffic is gonna get worse than it already is. Avoid the morning chaos by leaving home earlier than your usual time. You don’t want to get stuck in traffic and acquire another late permit from your professor, right? So, make it a habit to wake and get up once your alarm sounds off.

Bring an umbrella or raincoat with you.

In case it rains while you’re out commuting to and from school, an umbrella or raincoat will come in handy. Always remember to pack either one of these when prepping your bag for school the next day. Cebu’s weather, as you might already notice, is unpredictable and it helps when you’re rainproof.

Wear a mask.

Aside from being rainproof, you must also be dust proof. The traffic, unpredictable weather and now, pollution are your everyday commuting battles. Your health is of top priority and it’s best to wear a mask or simply cover your nose and mouth with a hanky when heading out for school.

Always have change ready.

Whether you’re riding the jeepney or booking Grab, always see to it that you have change available. Paying the exact amount causes less hassle for passenger and driver, so when it’s time to get off from your ride, you don’t have to worry about a thing. It’s absolutely fuss-free, just the way you’d like it.

Fight the sleepyhead in you.

We’re aware you can’t help but fall asleep whether in early morning or late night commutes, knowing you’ve been up all night doing schoolwork. But sleeping while commuting is a no-no because you’ll be completely unaware of what’s happening. Try to fight the sleepyhead in you so that you won’t get past your stop or worse, get robbed (God forbid).

Take a hand fan with you on hotter days.

Jeepneys get cramped during rush hour, which makes the atmosphere hotter than usual. During times like this, a simple hand fan or an electric one will deem useful.

Be mindful of your belongings.

It doesn’t hurt when you’re being extra precautious, especially in public transports. Keep your valuables in a safe place and always keep your bag as close to you as possible.

Keep a pepper spray with you at all times.

One pepper spray costs less than P300 and it’s the best self-defense tool you can use in case anything happens. This is highly recommended for university students who commute going home in the wee hours.

Commute in groups if possible.

It’s always safe to commute home with friends after school, especially those who live close by your house. That way, at least you’ll know if everyone gets home safely.

Let your loved ones know when you’re heading home.

Take the time to let a family member know through text when you’re on your way home and how you’re getting home.

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