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Christmas Glam Up

By Deneb R. Batucan


LAVISH or not, everyone deserves to go home to a well-decorated house and feel the happy nostalgia that comes with the holidays. Even a simple tree in your living room or a string of lights surrounding your house are added joys that make Christmas even happier, especially when you spend it with the people you love.

Can’t decide how to glam up your home this holiday season? Leave it to these design professionals as they offer up some tips on how decorate your home for the Christmas season.

Kurt Joseph Orillo

“I am an advocate of minimalism, so personally, I want to keep decors to a minimum in terms of their aesthetic and design. Using a singular tone of warm white series lights produce a thematic and harmonious approach to decorating the room through illumination. No need for Christmas balls or ribbons, no stars or lanterns. Wrap the lights around a leafless Christmas tree, add it on landscape, and see how the simplicity of lights can give a different effect on your home. It’s perfect for the holidays.”

Ivanne Toni Arciete
Architect, Designer

“Decide a color scheme. Decorative details can be seen as one cohesive unit this way. You can go for monochromes, like varying shades of blues; earth tones, like mixing the colors of evergreen and tree bark; or classic black and white. Also, DIY. Be creative and you will literally make your house feel like Christmas. There are tons of ideas online, and you can even make it a fun family activity. Less money on decorations means more money for presents.”

Krismier Leigh Hilongo
Interior Designer

“Think about your theme. Make every room look as festive as possible with glittery and shiny christmas decors. And DIY! Be creative. Everything doesn’t have to be new. You can make decors by using recycled materials.”

Angeli Reyes
Interior Designer, Environmentally Conscious Creative

“Buy quality items and better look for local alternatives to your decor. Support Filipino craftsmen, and you’ll be surprise how your Christmas decorating style will feel closer to your roots! You can also use minimalist Christmas tree decors. Instead of a lavish Christmas tree, have a personal tree wall using Christmas lights and decorate it with your family photos or print out family photos and use them as ornament. Try also to being eco-friendly by giving life to your waste. Use plastic bottles, cans and boxes and let your imagination run wild. You can browse through the internet for creative ideas.”

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