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How to be a hero in your own little ways

By Patricia May P. Catan
Photos: N.S. Villaflor


ANYONE can be a hero, and a hero doesn’t need to do something big and bold to be labeled as one. Heroes can work silently in the background and create an even bigger impact. There’s no need for an instruction manual to become one because here are 10 simple ways you can be a hero.

Adopt a dog.

Animals need some saving too and you can do just that by adopting dogs living in animal shelters. Instead of buying in pet shops, which can be too heavy on the pockets, why not visit an animal shelter near you and give a doggo or two a new home?

Help an elderly cross the street.

You were taught back in grade school to always lend a helping hand to those in need especially the elderly. Don’t hesitate to help an elderly cross a busy street when you meet one because a single act of kindness goes a long way.

Volunteer your time.

Volunteering your time might be the most overused example but it’s also the most meaningful one. Spending your time for a good cause be it in charity works or activities organized by nonprofit organizations help transform many lives, and that’s what matters.

Volunteer your talent.

Put your talent to good use by sharing what you can do for the benefit of the less fortunate. You can always showcase your talent when time isn’t on your side. Who knows that someone in the crowd might take inspiration from you to get themselves back on their feet.

Be an eco-warrior.

You can help protect the only home we live in by taking baby steps in making the environment better and healthier. Mother Earth needs all the help she can get, and it is high time you make a change and become an eco-warrior.

Reach out to a family member or friend.

Don’t grow distant from a close family member or friend but be an active player in their lives instead. When times get tough, pay attention to their cries for help and provide the instant comfort they need on trying days.

Flash your brightest smile to make someone’s day.

Radiate happiness no matter where you are and who you’re with. Wear your most beautiful smile because you might come across someone who’s drowning in all their worries and your smile might just be the remedy they need to get through the day’s trials.

Offer a hand even when people don’t ask.

When strangers get too shy to ask for help even when it’s obvious that they need it, don’t hesitate to offer a hand. By simply holding the door for them or helping them with their stuff, they are sure to appreciate the kind gesture which makes you their savior for the day.

Support small and local businesses.

Small and local businesses exhaust all their labor of love every day just to make ends meet. Show your genuine support for these types of businesses by purchasing from them with zero bargain and a bonus of free promotion to give them a voice online.

Use social media to spread love and not hate.

Social media holds so much power and gives power willingly to anyone who uses it. It has become the bridge of hate and bullying among individuals and the only way to eradicate such sad reality is to use social media as a platform of positivity and love to encourage users to make use of social media wisely.

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