The struggles of trying to eat healthy - Weekend

The struggles of trying to eat healthy

By Christian Jay B. Quilo
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WITH “try” being the operative word here, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all attempted to eat cleaner and healthier at least once in our lives. With all these picture perfect models, influencers and celebrities we follow, it’s easy to think about the idea of going on a diet in the hopes of achieving a bod like the ones we double-tap on Instagram. But alas, it’s easier said than done. Whether you’re still thinking it over or currently a work in progress, here are 10 struggles we’ve all experienced in our attempt to ditch the junk and go healthy.

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Actually starting.

“I’ll start tomorrow.” — A phrase we’ve all said day after day when we’re still trying to start on a certain diet. Stop putting it off and commit. Start with one day, then one week, one month. If you fail, start again.

Keeping cravings at bay.

During your diet journey, a tiny voice in your head will whisper “That double cheeseburger is only one call away” or “That bag of potato chips is just sitting in the pantry.” Satisfy your cravings by eating healthier alternatives of whatever it is you’re craving. Craving a plate of sizzling sisig? Give veggie sisig a try! You’ll satisfy the craving without the guilt.

Finding options.

Not all places have embraced the healthy food movement as much as others, which means options can be limited — and eating a bowl of greens for three meals straight is just sad. Luckily, Cebu has a good selection of healthy dining options now.

Healthy food is more costly.

This is a common misconception. That’s because when we think healthy food, we immediately associate it with salads or smoothie bowls from not-so budget-friendly places. You don’t have to look so far, check out your local carinderia and you might find some great healthy alternatives.

Learning to cook.

Like most people, we can’t afford to have the acai bowl from our favorite cafe every day. If you really want to save, go grocery shopping and cook at home. If you have zero skills in the kitchen, then learn. Start with easy recipes first and then from there, experiment — get whippin’ in the kitchen!

Fast food is, well, fast — and convenient.

In a fast-paced environment like ours, it’s just more economical to open canned meat or get drive-thru and grab food to-go. If you don’t have the luxury of time, prepare your meals for the day ahead so you can just take them with you, ready to eat, whether it’s at school or work.

Not seeing immediate results.

After a day or two on a diet, we immediately expect results to show — only to be disappointed. Like all great things, results take time. You need to have patience and put in the effort in whatever it is you’re trying to achieve with this healthy diet, whether it’s weight loss, clear skin or just better overall health. Nothing worth having comes easy.

Temptation is everywhere.

Especially if you’re out with friends or family. Your friend beside you is ordering that juicy slab of pork chop and you can’t help but look and feel a little jealous. “Can I just have a little piece, please?” you think to yourself. But no! Practice self-control.

Over-cheating on cheat day.

Everyone is entitled to a cheat day occasionally, right? But it’s so easy to abuse the cheat day card and get carried away. Just because it’s a cheat day, that doesn’t mean you can binge on all the junk you missed. That would just defeat your previous days of healthy eating. Indulge in one cheat item and enjoy it — slowly.

Blocking out naysayers.

While you’re trying your absolute best to eat healthy, there will be people who will mock and doubt that you can take this healthy diet through — pay no attention. You can keep this up. Believe in yourself.

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