'What’s your Christmas home decor theme?' - Weekend

‘What’s your Christmas home decor theme?’

By Elisha Judy Tabaque


IS YOUR home holiday-ready? If the answer is no, then you better start planning on how your home should look like. You might want to check on the Christmas decorations you used the past year and reuse it. Or, why not spare a few pennies for some lights, parols and garlands?

Everyone undeniably gets excited when Christmas Day is fast approaching not only because it’s a celebration of love and kindness but also the perfect time to gather family members and help each other in decorating one’s home for the holidays. What makes decorating your home really more interesting is when you set a theme and you stick to it, say a white Christmas or a red one.

Here’s a couple of young adults who share some of their Christmas decoration themes for the holidays this year as they, at the same time, wish you Happy Holidays!

Chelsea M. Villarojo, 17
Senior High School Student

“Every year, my family and I put up a variety of decorations to feel the spirit of Christmas, and for this year, we put more focus on our Christmas tree. Our theme for this year is a “Silver and Gold Christmas” with a touch of red and white. Looking at the silver balls and leave decorations on the Christmas tree, these somehow represents the glimmer of the stars. Our family believes that stars bring us closer to Our Lord, Jesus Christ whose birth we are going to celebrate. Thus, we incorporated silver. On the other hand, gold symbolizes royalty. Royalty in the way that we honor Jesus Christ’s great kingship. More importantly, for the holidays this year, we want to feel the positive vibes of gold and silver as both represents happiness, wealth and joy. With a match of red and white hanging curtains and red gold-printed sofa cloth, our family is already feeling the holiday season.”

Carla Marie V. Santander, 16
Grade 10 Student

“Our Christmas decoration theme for the holidays this year is more focused on the flower ‘Poinsettia.’ As you can see, our Christmas tree is decorated with such a famous flower thatturns red only in December. Luckily, my Aunt Delia is good at sewing that she especially made our Poinsettia curtain to have more of the Christmas ambiance at home. We also made sure to match our sala chairs with our curtains, so we changed its foam cloth with red as well. Now, our home is filled with red, which symbolizes love. We might add more decorations, but for now, at least, our home is already filled with so much love.”

Febriane Dior R. Miao, 15
Grade 9 Student

“As Christmas day is on its way, we always make sure that our home is holiday-ready. It is also the season for getting our Christmas spirits up and feeling the Christmas vibe. Our decoration theme for this coming holidays is a glittery and glamorous one. From our Christmas tree decorations to our table and door ornaments, we are into stuff that glitters as it’s something that pleases the eyes. We also made use of the colors red – symbolizing love, green – signifying the eternal life of Jesus, and gold – the color of giving. No matter how little your decorations are, put in mind that Christmas is for everyone, adults and children, and for every home, big or small. This season should fill our hearts with love. Lots of love!”


Pamela C. Uy, 15
Grade 9 Student

“Putting up Christmas decorations in our house always lights up our mood for the season. For this year, we are into having a ‘colorful holiday season’ as we made use of a variety of colors in our decorations. We believe that a living room without a Christmas tree becomes dull, so we set up one with red, white, gold and peach Poinsettias matched with a few balls and Santa stuffed toys. Remember that one better way to welcome Christmas is making our home a small festival of joy. That is why, even in our kitchen, we decorated some ornaments, vases, artificial fruits and flowers to keep the merry vibe.”

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