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3 simple steps to beat procrastination like a pro

By Jicel Reve S. Gabriel


Like the common cold, pocrastination can afflict anyone. There’s plenty of reasons a person procrastinates: a lack of focus, failure to set priorities, or the absence of motivation, among many others. It doesn’t matter whether you procrastinate when it comes to big tasks or in simple, seemingly irrelevant activities — the thing is you are procrastinating.

Illustration by Geraldine Sypiecco
Illustration by Geraldine Sypiecco

The good news is you can rid yourself of this most undesirable of habits, but you need to do it now. And that means, it’s time to stop procrastinating and start doing, pronto. Of course, detecting this habit of procrastinating at the onset is key. On the other hand, being aware that you have turned into a procrastinator is not enough. You need to take specific measures to stop procrastinating. Here are three steps you can do to win the fight against procrastination:

Determine The Most Important Tasks

Part of your preparation is to determine the tasks according to importance. Since you cannot prioritize everything, try to have a shortlist of the tasks you want to get done first and make sure they are prioritized. However, determining your important tasks doesn’t mean compromising the not-so-important ones you have on the list. It is just a matter of balance.

Prepare Your Day the Night Before

If you fail to prepare, you are prepared to fail, as they say. If you want to get things done at the target time you want it accomplished, then, preparing the things for tomorrow the night before is a must. If you have a scheduled presentation in your company the next day, make sure you are good to go as early as the night before. Having enough sleep before the scheduled day will do you good. Yes, proper rest is part of your preparation. Don’t deprive yourself of a good snooze.

Schedule Your Most Important Tasks

Once you have identified the most important tasks, set a schedule to get started and done. This means you don’t dilly-dally over your scheduling, but rather stick to it no matter what. If you are engaged in a business, scheduling should be an even bigger deal for you. Not setting a proper schedule could lead to trouble with your clients. So, avoid free flying at all cost.

But why does scheduling work better than free flying? Apart from knowing where you are heading, proper scheduling plays a big role in the success of what you do. If you do free flying, chances are, things can change without prior notice, many of which might put you at a disadvantage.

Also, scheduling means being accurate, and being accurate is essential to getting things done. When it comes to crucial matters, guesswork won’t just cut it. Besides, who wants to be part of guessing games?

If you have proper scheduling and it becomes a habit, you can surely get rid of procrastination in no time. Scheduling doesn’t only bring an end to procrastination, it can also give you long-term benefits such as getting organized, having self-discipline, and being always ready to hit your goals, be they for business or for your personal affairs.

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