Let the Fire Burn - Weekend

Let the Fire Burn

Readers share what sparks joy in their lives

Cassandra C. Poculan

Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo’s acclaimed KonMari Method encourages us to keep things that spark joy in our life and chuck out those that do not. Before her books and Netflix series, did people ever pause to reflect on what gives them joy or the reason for lack thereof? They say it’s not something you actively seek out. Many other self-help books would point out that it can be in the littlest, everyday things if we only knew how to stop and smell the roses. We ask readers what brings them joy.

Kathrea Catibud, 23
Psychology Graduate

“Owning my time and living with no pressure gives me peace. I get so excited at spontaneous stuff and enjoying my freedom to its maximum. I guess that’s what sparks joy in my life.”

Chady Pantaleon, 27
Professional Makeup Artist

“The answer comes instantly and instinctively. Once you get into the groove of sorting based on this parameter, you’ll be hooked. It’s fast, it’s decisive, it’s honest and it’s incredibly personal. Caring for others is a joy, it is how we show our love. But if you don’t look after yourself, you won’t be able to look after anyone else either. To care for others in a loving way, you must care for yourself first.”

Kristelle Quijote, 24
Manufacturing Excellence
Unilever Philippines Inc.

“A myriad of things and moments spark joy and genuinely warm my heart since I decided to seek for it from the opposite side. From today for example: the first sip of really good morning free office coffee, random snippets of music I used to like and perfectly phrased ideas, untangling problems leading to an ‘aha moment,’ witnessing authentic kindness. And the most reliable ones: upon going home, the cool Cavite wind, brightest stars against the rural night sky and recollecting my day at the end (like the Examen) and deciding to look forward to the next.”

Rainiel Llauderes, 21

“Bathing myself in L’eau D’Issey, grabbing a cup of coffee before class and spending my Fridays at La Lucha. Having an inner circle of low-maintenance friends that treat me like family. Simplicity sparks joy. Always.”

Jeandie Galolo, 25
Digital Marketing Specialist
Delonix Marketing Corp.

“Aside from clean spaces, which Marie Kondo advocates, good cardio makes me feel good. Whether it’s going for a 30-minute walk or a short swimming session, there’s something about post-cardio that sparks joy within me. Well scientifically, the body produces endorphins (the body’s feel-good hormones) after an exercise so I guess that explains this ‘joy.’ Excuse the doughnuts beside me.”

Hakim Camama, 26
Medical Clerk
Southwestern University Phinma
School of Medicine

“Simply to have a good relationship with our Almighty God through praising Him and doing daily acts that please Him. These are the things that make my life complete. Through His grace and mercy, showing kindness to everyone also gives more joy and more spark to my life.”

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