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Everyday objects you can use to put out a fire

Regina Carla Albino
USC Mass Com Intern

A fire incident can happen anytime, anywhere. And being in a situation without any idea how to deal with fire can be extremely dangerous, if not fatal. That is why it pays to be aware of the options and methods in putting out a fire, especially items that you can easily find at home, in your workplace and in school. Being knowledgeable can help protect you from harm and potentially save you money. Here are everyday objects that you can use to put out a fire.

Salt or baking soda
Kitchen fires are one of the most common causes of fire-related incidents. When cooking at home and your frying pan suddenly catches fire, stay calm. Find salt or baking soda, then pour one cup of salt or a box of baking soda to the burning frying pan. The salt’s volume helps reduce the heat and baking soda can be a substance that kills the fire.

Dirt or sand
If you can’t see any fire extinguisher in your place or enough water to put out a fire, you can use dirt or sand to do the job.

Wet cloth
One of the easiest ways to put out a fire is using wet cloth. During a fire incident, do not hesitate to use wet cloth as an alternative for water. Just dip the cloth into the water and place it at the top of the burning object to put out the fire.

Cover the pot with metal lid
When cooking at home, especially when frying, grease fire could happen because of too much heat from oil. The easiest way to extinguish the fire is to simply cover the frying pan with metal lid to deplete the oxygen. Just make sure that it is big enough to cover up the whole pan in order to put out the fire.

Long stick
Secure any stick that’s preferably not flammable and use that stick to spread out the wood and debris or whatever it is that is burning. It helps in eliminating the flames from expanding from one place to another.

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