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Back on their feet

Brave readers share health scare stories

Intro Text: Cassandra C. Poculan
Illustration: Enrico P. Santisas


THESE days, more and more people choose to lead a healthy lifestyle. This could have stemmed from habit and influence, especially when they’re often around like-minded individuals. It could also be due in large part to bad decisions made in the past, which prompted them to make necessary lifestyle changes. Either way, health is wealth, and we’re lucky to have a wealth of options when it comes to taking care of our overall well-being. As for these readers, they may be in the pink of health now, but they too have had their share of health scares. Read on to know more.

Justine Espina, 24
Marketing Officer
Golden Great Value Properties Inc./Parkmall

It was in late August 2013 when I fell ill with recurring high fever, body malaise and vomiting. I was initially diagnosed with UTI; however, after weeks of suffering from the same symptoms, I was endorsed to an infectious disease specialist who, after subjecting me to several lab tests, was still unable to correctly diagnose me. We were told it might be cancer or lupus, so I was endorsed to an oncologist and rheumatologist who also were not able to pinpoint the cause of my recurring symptoms even after different lab tests. I went back to seeing my infectious disease specialist who figured that it might be extrapulmonary tuberculosis, so I underwent an abdominal CT scan, and it was then that my specialist saw a mass in my kidney. So on the third week of January 2014, after four confinements in four different hospitals and just two months before my graduation, I was diagnosed with Genitourinary Tuberculosis. About a year of medication and a couple of relapses later, I was recovering and gaining back the weight I lost, all thanks to my loving family who made sure I was eating right and taking my medications.

Danica Mamaril, 23
Client Service Associate 3
BDO Unibank Inc.

When I was 12, my OB-GYN told me that I had hormonal imbalance. Six years later, they found abnormal tissues in the inner lining of my uterus. I was afraid it would turn out into something worse. My doctor told me to undergo a surgery that would remove the polyps or else the bleeding would not stop. I stood up and was brave enough to face the surgery. It made me happier and overcome the fear that I always had in me.

Eda Lucero, 22
B.S. Civil Engineering Graduate
University of San Carlos

Back in high school, I was admitted to the hospital because of stomach pain. I was scheduled for an ultrasound for appendicitis but the doctor could not find anything to rule it as appendicitis. So I was scheduled again for a transrectal ultrasound but still no signs of appendicitis. Despite that, the doctor declared that I had to undergo appendectomy. Thank God he did because it turned out that I did have appendicitis and because the procedure was done earlier, my appendix had not ruptured yet, so it was just a minor operation.

Shanelle Cariño, 27
Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino
Marketing Communications Officer

I was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. It isn’t that serious but it would surely cripple me whenever I would have it. When it would attack, I would vomit, have severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, and have no energy for several days. Because of it, I had to be hospitalized a few times. Following the orders of my doctor, I am now careful with my food intake, avoiding too oily or acidic food and avoiding too much coffee or softdrinks. I also exercise and avoid too much stress.

Florge Sy, 26
Resident Physician – Internal Medicine
Chong Hua Hospital

The worst health scare that I had was having new-onset palpitations while reviewing for my board exam. I could literally feel my heart skip a beat. It frightened me because I thought I might have an undiagnosed heart condition. Overcoming it wasn’t easy. It meant I had to shy away from caffeine for a while — which I’m very dependent on. Fortunately, they resolved eventually (and I hope they never come back!).

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