Hot Stuff - Weekend

Hot Stuff

Christian Jay B. Quilo

For those who like heat — in many senses of the word, whether it’s on their taste buds or before their very eyes — check out these dishes that will surely raise the temps:

Gibbs’ Hot Wings

Sure, there’s the classic Hot and Original for those who like to err on the side of caution. But for those who like to live on the edge, there’s Insanely Hot, 2 Insanely Hot and Freakin’ Hot. These batch of wings – a consistent Best of Cebu winner since 2016 – might as well come with a warning sign.

Leona’s Red Velvet Cake

It’s neither spicy nor in flames but it might as well be on this list for its fiery red hue. The Best Red Velvet Cake for 2018 strikes the perfect balance of rich tangy cream cheese frosting and soft red chocolate sponge cake.

Tuding’s Hot & Spicy Chorizo

2018’s Best Local Chorizo aces taste and quality with a nice blend of spices and the right ratio of lean to fatty pork — this is Cebuano chorizo done right.

Ikkousha’s God Fire Ramen

Just by looking at the rich red broth is enough for you to induce a sweat and make your mouth water. You’ll probably be sweating buckets by the time you finish but that’s worth every sip and slurp of one of 2018 Best Ramen’s signature bowls.

Kaya’s Korean BBQ

Whether it’s pork or beef, there’s no feeling quite like seeing those beautiful cuts of meat sizzling on that grill waiting excitedly for it to cook and then taking that first bite at the Best New Restaurant for 2018.

Kayu’s Sizzling Caramel Bar

The Best Fusion Restaurant is known for dishing out some of the most innovative food items —the Sizzling Caramel Bar is a fine example of this culinary genius. Picture this: a chewy caramel bar on a hot plate, topped with banana slices and vanilla ice cream and then drizzled with hot caramel sauce.

Jollibee’s Spicy Chickenjoy

Who doesn’t love this iconic Filipino food item? SunStar Cebu’s choice for Best Fastfood Chain has improved its Spicy Chickenjoy by incorporating the spices into the breading itself, making everyone’s favorite fried chicken more flavorful.

Pueblo Mexicano’s Nacho Grande

More than just the generous toppings, the Best Mexican Joint’s signature corn chips are made from scratch and has a more grainy, crunchy texture compared to the regular chips.

Orange Brutus’ Spicy Burger Steak

This award-winning Burger Steak was good as is, but Orange Brutus spoiled Cebuanos by giving us a spicy version.

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