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Would you marry yourself?

By Cassandra C. Poculan


OKAY, while it’s not a legal marriage, sologamy or self-marriage apparently exists. Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw boldly declared that she was marrying herself in one episode of Sex and the City. A woman from the Netherlands had a little ceremony for herself the same year that episode aired. Many others followed suit – single women from the UK, Australia, Canada, Taiwan and the US. Today, there are companies that cater to this kind of wedding, although the concept doesn’t have to be honored through a physical ceremony. It may be ridiculous to some, but to those who have done so, it is a commitment to valuing and prioritizing self-love and self-care. You can’t pour from an empty cup, they say, and a self-uniting marriage is just one way of loving yourself completely. We ask readers if they too would take their own hand in marriage.

Mariana Varela, 23
Host, Blogger and Vlogger
Indoor Cycling Instructor/Zink

“I don’t think I would marry myself, but not because I’m not a catch (I totally am), but because I want to celebrate myself with another person.”

Jed Joven, 24
Aviation Graduate

“Marriage, I believe, should be a bond wherein two persons complete each other. It is to be with someone who is able to see through your flaws and at the same time somehow fill in for them. Marrying myself or someone exactly the same as me would result in numerous clashes. So my answer would have to be no. I need to be with someone who complements my personality and being with myself wouldn’t be ideal.”

Kyle Panong, 24
Brand Ambassador
Bucked Up Philippines

“Yes, I would marry myself. I think everyone has to go through the stage of self love just like in the maxim ‘marry yourself.’ For me, this does not even border on narcissism, it’s just being appreciative of oneself.”

Eden Galeos, DMD, 25
General Dentist
Chong Hua Medical Arts

“As we all know, marriage should happen between two individuals committing to a life-long promise to love each other through the highs and lows. If ‘to marry oneself’ means committing to love yourself and to never give up no matter how rough life is, then I would — to me self-marriage is a metaphor. Realistically speaking though, I still dream to someday walk down the aisle, to recite my heartfelt vows and to experience God’s grace with the one He has stored for me.”

Trixie Maraya-Ouano, 25
Sales Supervisor
Usana Cebu

“Yes, I would! They say you should marry someone you know so well, and I know myself better than anyone else.”

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