Tita starter pack - Weekend

Tita starter pack

By Marymil M. Cabrera
Photos & Illustrations: Dexter A. Duran


THE word “tita” no longer just refers to one’s blood-related aunt or to most “older” women. It has become a term of endearment for women in early adulthood who begin to experience drastic changes in life — from their taste in fashion, drinks, and hangout places, to their perfect idea of a day out with the “amigas” or girlfriends. You can spot a tita from a kilometer away: she’s always seen carrying an oversized tote bag. This bag contains almost everything one needs in case a zombie apocalypse breaks out. To know if you’re one of the titas of Cebu yourself, check out what’s inside a Tita Kit.


Different kinds of oils, and ointments.

In Asia, we believe that an aromatic oil blend or mentholated topical ointment offers relief from an array of ailments — headache, dizziness, colds, muscular pain, or travel sickness. Always present in every tita’s purse are the legendary, original go-to balms White Flower Embrocation and Vicks VapoRub.

Stash of medicine

Paracetamol for fever, Loperamide for sudden diarrhea, Mefenamic Acid for pain killer, Carbocisteine for cough. Every tita is always packed with medicine and is always ready for her and everyone’s emergency needs.

Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer

Titas are germophobic that is why rubbing alcohol like Casino Ethyl Alcohol is a must-have in their kit to keep the hands protected from infectious bacteria, germs and pathogens. One can opt for all-natural hand sanitizers, too, as most sanitizers are scented but disinfect well just like Human Nature’s All-Natural Sanitizer in sweet floral burst and icy cool burst.

Tissue and wet wipes

Tissue and wet wipes are always handy for anything — from wiping off dirt, hand-drying, oil blotting, removing make-up, and emergency bathroom breaks.

Tita tip: keep all the extra tissue paper from your favorite restaurant or cafe, unused, of course!

Biscuits and candies

Biscuits like Skyflakes, candies such as White Rabbit, and mints like Snow Bear are three of the most important stuff in a tita kit, as biscuits and candies will help every tita survive whenever hunger strikes, especially when in the middle of a meeting. Mints, meanwhile, keep the mouth fresh.

Cardholder and reward cards

In her teenage years, the tita didn’t understand why her mom kept plenty of plastic cards, but now the grownup tita has realized that reward cards give her so much joy. As a result, hoarding cards from her favorite establishments has become one of her favorite hobbies. Her own SM Advantage Card for groceries and shopping, Watson’s card for beauty and wellness essentials, Starbucks Reward Card for her caffeine fix, as well as miles membership cards such as Cebu Pacific’s GetGo, PAL’s Mabuhay Miles or AirAsia’s Big, are all stored in one cute cardholder.

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