10 fun Christmas tree ideas - Weekend

10 fun Christmas tree ideas

By Christian Jay B. Quilo


UNDOUBTEDLY, a Christmas tree is a season staple for most, if not all homes around the world. But when it’s set up year after year, it tends to get, well, boring and repetitive. It doesn’t have to be though; there are no set rules on how a Christmas tree should look like so why not start switching it up ASAP? To spice things up at home this season, here are 10 ways you can get creative with your Christmas tree this year:

Hang unique things on the tree.

Inject your personality into your Christmas tree by hanging things that aren’t the cliche Christmas-themed stuff like the glittery poinsettias and candy canes. A die-hard Pokemon fan? Hang Pokemon figurines or Pokeballs. If you’re into fashion, how about hanging tiny bags and shoes onto your tree?

Buy a miniature tree.

We’re talking maybe more or less a six-incher here. Imagine how adorable it’ll look in perspective when it’s juxtaposed with the Christmas boxes and gifts. It’s a small world, after all!

Get a tree in a funky color.

Sure, green is a pretty color; but it’s just like everyone else’s. Why blend in when you can stand out, am I right? Scour through online marketplaces and you’ll find tons of weird-colored trees like pink, blue and purple.

Paint a Christmas tree.

If you don’t mind the mess (and if you can actually paint), draw a Christmas tree on a blank wall on your home. Make sure to use paint that’s water-soluble so it’s easy to wipe off after the Christmas season. Or to be safe, you can draw it on a separate surface like on a canvas or a piece of cardboard and just stick it on your wall.

Hang a Christmas-tree shaped air freshener.

Others may call it lazy, but I like to think of it as economical. Get one of those pine tree-shaped air fresheners people use for their cars and hang it on your wall. It’s cheap, doesn’t take up much space and easy to put away. What’s not to love?

Flip the tree upside down.

It’ll be slightly challenging logistics-wise but it’s a fun little twist on the typical Christmas tree. It’ll look trippy, too — almost like being in one of those trick eye museums.

Go with an artificial tree that look like our local trees.

We don’t have pine trees in the city obviously (and only in certain parts of the country) so let’s be geographically accurate and go with an artificial tree that actually looks like the trees we have here.

Drape series lights as vines.

Forego the tree and just hang series lights instead. Drape them over starting from the wall toward the ceiling in a vine-like fashion. It’ll make for a great photo opp, too!

Build a Christmas forest!

Why just buy one when you can get a dozen (or just five) of them? If you have the budget to splurge on more than one Christmas tree and extra space in your home, build a Christmas tree forest! Get trees in different sizes for better dimension and visual interest. It’ll be epic for sure!

It doesn’t even have to be a tree.

Think outside the box, er, plant family. The tree has become the default that we’ve forgotten that there are so many things we can have as the highlight of our Christmas decorations. What about a Christmas train or a giant parol? Or a life-sized gingerbread man, snowman or even a giant gift box?

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