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10 DIY Christmas decors

By Patricia May P. Catan
Illustration: Enrico P. Santisas


THE month of December signals the start of serious holiday mode. It’s that month of the year when people get extra busy making dinner plans, shopping for gifts, but most of all, especially for Christmas-enthusiast homeowners, it’s adorning the home with all things Christmas. It’s a challenge to have different themes every year, and to help you with that are out-of-the-box DIY decors you can easily make at home. For those who take holiday decorating quite seriously, here are 10 DIY Christmas decor ideas you can craft at home.

Create a colorful jar of bulbs.

An apothecary jar makes for a pretty home for your burned out lights. You can make use of the colorful ones to put inside the jar and make as a Christmas decor at home. You can even add some faux snow to have that winter wonderland vibe despite living in a tropical country.

Give your old scarves or blankets a makeover and transform them into Christmas socks.

If you have scarves or blankets with fun prints that you no longer use, you can sew them into Christmas stockings. You can make this as a holiday project with mom or your siblings to get into the holiday spirit and have everyone’s Christmas stockings in the family personalized or designed to their liking.

Make your Christmas votives sparkle.

There’s so much you can do with empty jars at home and one is transforming them into votives. You will only need glue, glitters and an empty jar. Now, you can make your plain Christmas votives sparkle with glitters and welcome Christmas with shining hearts.

Dare to be different with a photo wreath.

There’s nothing more unique than a photo wreath for Christmas. You will have to purchase a wire wreath to make it easier for you to follow the shape, then print black and white photos of the family to complete the decor, and hot-glue to stick them all together. Not only is the wreath design one of a kind, but it’s also something close to the family’s heart since you’ll be putting up snapshots of the family in their best memories.

Cover your cabinets with wrapping paper.

Gift wrapping paper can be used to dress up your cabinets too. If you have an extra roll of wrapping paper and some double-sided tape, you can give your cabinets a Christmas makeover. All you have to do is fit the wrapping paper to the size of your cabinets and put it in place using double-sided tape.

Make cute bows out of your leftover ribbons.

Ribbons, especially ones in Christmas colors like red, green and white will make cute bows you can hang on your Christmas tree. The red and white color combination is your best bet for the bows. This is actually a smart way to use up all the ribbons you bought just for Christmas.

Hang candy canes on your Christmas tree.

A no sweat, but sweet decor you can put up on your Christmas tree this year are candy canes. Grocery stores definitely have ample stocks of candy canes this time of year and you can hoard all you want, whether they’re for gift giving or Christmas tree decorating. What also makes candy canes a sweet and easy little touch to your tree is that they’re easy to hang since the cane itself serves as a hook.

Recycle corrugated cardboard boxes and make them into a reindeer.

Christmas is that time of year when we learn arts and crafts with the entire family. It’s simple — you can print out a reindeer template first and then trace on the corrugated cardboard and cut it out. It’s up to you and the family on how you would want to display and style the reindeer at home.

Create snowflakes out of popsicle sticks.

The closest thing we can get to snow is creating snowflakes for the home. It’s fun to make them using only popsicle sticks, glue and spray paint. You can search for a template to follow online and arrange them according to the design you’ve chosen. You can then use them as an indoor wall scene to further beautify your house.

Use bowtie pasta as garland.

Who knew you can use uncooked pasta as a Christmas decor? Bowtie pasta is actually a nice idea to use as garland for the holidays. First thing you have to do is brush the bowtie pasta with glue, sprinkle it with glitters then tie them all together using a string. You can then find a space in your home where you can put the bowtie garland up.

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