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Taking the perfect travel selfie and photo

By Patricia May P. Catan


“DO IT for the gram.” A popular phrase in this generation of social media savvies. True enough, everyone let’s out their creative juices all for the world to see and what better time to get that perfect shot for social media than when you’re out travelling. Providing this generation a few helpful tips, SunStar Weekend does the honor by sharing five ways on how to take that majestic travel selfie and photo.

1. The light is your friend.

This is basically the most common element to consider in capturing one of your best travel photos. It also pays to remember that natural light will always work its magic, may it be a selfie or a scenic frame. Take as many photos as you can during the daylight because you don’t want to be chasing the light and regret not taking photos that you wanted to achieve.

2. Investing in a high-quality camera is recommended.

This might cost a ton of money, but having a single high-quality camera phone especially when you’re the type who loves to travel a lot is really a good bargain. Don’t waste money on a camera that won’t do the place justice because you’re just going to end up buying a new one and besides, I’m sure everything is going to be worth it when you see your stunning photos.

3. Choose your location wisely.

Save up time and of course, camera space and plan where to shoot beforehand. Photos complete every trip and if you’re travelling to a certain place, make sure to research on where the best spots are. This way, you can compose your photo well and your photos will turn out great.

4. Know your angle.

Not everyone is a supermodel. We get it. But this trick can avoid all the hassles when taking photos. From the countless selfies and photos you’ve taken from the past, we’re sure one angle highlights your assets well. So why not practice on that particular angle and store up energy for more photoshoots?

5. It helps to travel with people who know how to take a good shot.

Admit it, what good is travel when you don’t even have the perfect shot? Let’s be real: photos are a top priority when traveling. While not everyone is skilled to see the right composition and angle, at least drag a friend who has a good eye or better yet, set up the camera beforehand so she or he has a guide.

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