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White or warm?

Readers share whether they prefer a cold or tropical Christmas

By Cassandra C. Poculan


TO DESIRE something you don’t have is human; to finally have it within your reach, divine. Being in the tropics where it’s practically warm all year, most Filipinos can only imagine what it’s like to gather round the fireplace, sip on hot chocolate or mulled wine, dressed in your best ugly sweater. Conversely, those who have always spent Christmas in the colder parts of the northern and southern hemispheres also dream of wearing their best dress to all the get-togethers this season without having to layer on scarves and coats. So who has it better? Should Rudolph’s nose be red from sunburn or frostbite? These readers share which kind of Christmas they prefer and why.

Walter Lim, 29
Surgical Resident
Chong Hua Hospital/Vicente Sotto
Memorial Medical Center

“A hot Christmas. As an Eagle Scout and an aspiring urological surgeon, I believe that Christmas is a time to remind ourselves to keep the fire of love burning by serving those in need. While working in the hospital, doing my best to take care of and treat patients brings a sense of joy and fulfillment in my heart especially when I see their warm smiles of gratitude. Christmas after all is a time of spreading happiness and what better way to do that than being a man for others.”

Diamond Caballero, 25
Theater Nurse
Cambridge University Hospitals

“I have always enjoyed the warm and festive Christmas celebrations with my family and friends back home in Cebu. With the traditional Misa de Gallo, Pamainit after mass, and Noche Buena gatherings, these always bring the warmth of the Christmas season for me. Having had the opportunity to live in another country, I also learned to enjoy a cold but beautiful White Christmas especially when it is winter. But even if I currently live a thousand miles away from home, nothing really beats spending Christmas with the warmth of your loved ones.”

John Florita, 24
Westminster Seafarer Management Philippines

“Historically we Filipinos celebrate Christmas with high levels of interests, emotions and activities. And basically we feel happier when we are warmer. With all our traditions from food and decorations up to family gatherings, it only makes it more nostalgic for me as a seaman. Being on board this holiday season, things won’t be the same considering what I’ll be missing back home. My Christmas is technically cold when I’m at sea because it gives me moments of sadness being so far from home. Nevertheless, I’m left with no choice but to continue working in order to support my family and their needs. And this has been God’s great gift on my own perspective of Christmas.”

Joshmary Saplad, 22
Medical Technology Graduate
Velez College

“Christmas season has always been the colder season wherever you are in the world. Cold weather creates a comfortable atmosphere that makes you want to spend time indoors. Since holidays are mostly spent with family, a literally cold Christmas makes you strengthen your relationship with them as you have more time indoors for conversations, food, and fellowship with the people you treasure the most and that creates warmth in our hearts. A cold Christmas then does not always mean loneliness. The warmth of happiness always depends on how you approach a certain situation, whether it’s Christmas or the rest of the year. May Christmas always feel warm in the heart even when it’s cold outside.”

Jessell de Luna, 24
Former Sales and Marketing Head

“I’ve always wanted to experience a cold and white Christmas where I could wear thick layers of clothing plus gloves, knee-high boots and anything that screams ‘It’s cold!’ Probably because I have always spent Christmas in the Philippines which is a tropical country and I’ve always wanted to try something new. My friends and I have been planning for a winter trip ever since college and now that we are working, we hope it pushes through one day. But the most important part is not where or how you spend your Christmas, or whether it’s in the coldest or hottest part of the world. What matters is that you’re spending it with your loved ones and enjoying the Yuletide season together.”

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