A nod to nature - Weekend

A nod to nature

By Christian Jay B. Quilo


JUST in time for the holiday season, Oro China Jewelry presents the Garden Collection, a set of shining, shimmering pieces inspired by nature’s perennial bounty of beauty. The collection is an homage to that one summer when flora all over Cebu was abloom. Each handcrafted piece (named after ancient deities) showcases an embedding of vibrant precious stones in an elegant floral motif. Know about this collection and the inspiration for the pieces below:

1. Proserpine

An ode to the goddess of spring, this piece is adorned with mother of pearl, red agate, tourmaline chrome, ruby and a downward swirl in 14K Italian Gold.

2. Venus

Reflective of the goddess of beauty’s allure and grace, the Venus features an elegant mother of pearl base and embellished with gemstones that are laid out in a garden-like frame, each element symbolizing the qualities of the Roman goddess: love, beauty, prosperity, fertility, and victory.

3. Minerva

Believing knowledge comes from not only a cognitive place, this is a reminder to “Listen to your heart,” as the goddess of wisdom Minerva would say. Details of this piece: red agate, mother of pearl, tourmaline chrome, ruby cabuchon, and dendrites in 14K Italian Gold.

4. Luna

As a tribute to the Roman goddess of the moon Luna, the pendant is ornamented with a moon-shaped mother of pearl base and adorned with lustrous crystals in floral designs.

5. Aurora

This piece is a representation of the fresh start that a new day brings as rays of light break through the skies. It features ruby cabuchon, tourmaline chrome, mother of pearl, and red agate in 14K Italian Gold.

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