Postgraduate plans - Weekend

Postgraduate plans

Weekend readers mull which studies to take further

By Cassandra C. Poculan
Photo: Associated Press


PEOPLE pursue a master’s degree for several reasons. Aside from being an impressive achievement in itself, it sets one apart from other candidates in today’s competitive job market, helps you gain new skills and knowledge, and even prepares you for graduate study on the doctoral level, should you decide to go down that road. Whether you choose to do it now or later for professional or personal development, there’s a myriad of options out there. Here are a few ideas from our readers.

Raymart John Remegio, 28
Junior Commodity Trader/Culinary Student

“A master’s degree that I would like to take up is Master in International Affairs (MIA). Why? Because it has many benefits, and you’re not just studying one thing, but rather a variety of factors that comprise the field. Sociology, History, interstate relations, foreign policy, politics, diplomacy, arts, international finance, international law, foreign languages, management, self development, understanding the global concept of how the world functions, where it came from, what it has become and how it works now, are just the topics to focus on, and which I am really interested in.”

El Niño Rod del Rosario, 24

“I would take up Law. I was inspired by my great grandfather Pantaleon del Rosario and my grandfather Vicente del Rosario who were both prominent lawyers during their time. After reading my grandfather’s memoir, “Fighting Is My Love” about his and his father’s political adventures and mishaps, it inspired me to follow their footsteps and continue what they fought for. Growing up also, my father would always discuss politics, current events, justice system, and law and up until now, he gives me law books, sends me case digests to deepen my knowledge.”

Danna Bacolod, 24
Accounts Manager
Bigseed PR and Events

“My goal in life is to take up a master’s degree in Marketing Communications. Working in a PR and events company and being exposed to the world of marketing communications has made me want to explore the field more so I can also further develop my skills and knowledge.”

Bea Evardone, 25
Chief Operating Officer
Republiq Group of Companies-Creative Republiq

“To be completely honest, I haven’t entertained taking up any Master’s Degree anytime soon because of my extremely full schedule. I am more interested in taking up short courses on Operations, Marketing and Media Management, which I know will definitely help me grow my career. But I do make sure that I learn something every day through podcasts and online courses.”

Kate Tiffany Yu, 29
Creative Director/Owner
Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro

“The master’s degree I’d like to take is Master of Laws. Since I am a graduate of BA Legal Management (pre-law), I might as well pursue law, specifically specializing in Business Law. Having knowledge of the legal aspects gives me an edge of in-depth understanding on the legal side, I can incorporate all of my expertise when dealing with business transactions.”

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