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Dwelling dreams

Text: Joyce Villaflor, Martie de Castro and Kaye Santander
STC Mass Comm Interns

WITH the growing residential market in Cebu, condominiums and house and lots are rising all over the metropolis as well as in rural areas. Each of these residential developments caters to particular segments of Cebuanos in search of places that meet their needs.

Since those in the market have diverse residential preferences, developers take into consideration a number of factors such as location and accessibility to establishments like churches, malls, parks, hospitals and other services. There are those who prefer smaller spaces that are easier to maintain, while others go for bigger properties with a garden. Some even opt to live in rural areas where they can tend their own farms.

We ask a few Cebuanos from different age groups what their residential preferences are and why, and here’s what they have to share:

Sherry Regner, 25, Pet Owner

I hate commuting, I prefer living closer to the city. Most available houses are located in Consolacion, or San Fernando, and I wouldn’t want to travel two hours every day just to get to the office. I do not like interacting with neighbors very much, and I like the privacy condominiums provide. Pet-friendly spaces would be preferable. I have cats and they’re mostly indoors, so it wouldn’t be a problem.

Victoria Jazmin Labio, 21, Flight Stwewardess

Kasi simple lang, pangarap ko na magkaroon ako ng own house ko na ako mag dedecide kung anong design. And ofcourse iba yung feeling pag sayo yung bahay and pag sayo yung lupa. But if fresh grad and bago lang nag work, mas practical yung condo for rent. (It’s simple, I dream to have my own house whose design I get to decide. And of course, it’s a different feeling if you own the house and lot. But for fresh grads and newly hired, it’s more practical to rent a condo.)

Cynthia Thomalla, 22, Model/ Beauty Queen

Since My parents are in the province of Southern Leyte, I prefer to rent a place in the city here in Cebu. But I am aiming to get my own house and lot. I want to have my own house with a garden where my future kids can play in and have their own rooms. But as of now, I prefer to rent since I am also busy with my work, and I can’t maintain a house.

Sandra D. Datanagan, 51, Asia Pacific Operations Manager

While living in condos, apartments, or houses has advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on your preferences and circumstances. I prefer to live in a house because we are a big family and we need a bigger space where we can relax especially on weekends. My husband is a sociable person who loves throwing parties while I enjoy bonding with my sisters. A house has a lot of indoor and outdoor space which can accommodate more guests. Living in a house also gives you total control over the property to remodel or make changes without the consent of the others. More importantly, I get to enjoy more privacy because the proximity of our neighbors is farther compared to that of a condo or apartment.

Dr. Bernardita M. Soledad, 75, Retiree, former Dean of Graduate School

A retiree is more focused on spiritual concerns, dedicated to her apostolate in church for God’s glory, more health conscious, sociable, and financially literate. Premised on the above scenario, my residential preference is not necessarily in the heart of a city, but suburban as long as it is pollution free, accessible to communications and transportation, church, hospital/clinic, malls and other establishments.

Keith, 24, and Honeyjoy Chan, 24, Architect and Fashion Designer

As a newly-wed couple, we would prefer to live in a condominium. Since we don’t have any children yet, the space is just right for the two of us. It is also convenient, safe and secure and we also get to enjoy its amenities. But in the long run, it would be great to build our own house where we can start our family.

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