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Post-college pursuits

By Christian Jay B. Quilo


SOME consider college graduation as officially bidding goodbye to the four walls of the classroom and hello to the work force, while others decide to pursue further studies and attain a higher degree. Fortunate for those who do because Cebu City has plenty of universities that offer master’s and doctorate programs. Check out these universities and some of their postgraduate offerings. If you want to see the schools’ complete list of programs, you can check out their respective websites.

Southwestern University PHINMA

When SWU was first established, it was the first medical school outside Manila at the time. One can pursue Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health studies in SWU, apart from half a dozen other undergraduate programs such as Master in Public Administration, Doctor of Education major in Educational Management, Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management, Master of Arts in Teaching major in Physical Education, and Master of Arts in Teaching major in Science.

University of Cebu

With a solid undergraduate criminology school, UC backs it up with an equally reputable doctorate and master’s program for those who have chosen the field of law enforcement, in particular their Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice with specialization in Criminology and Master of Science in Criminal Justice with Specialization in Criminology programs. In all, UC’s graduate school offers close to 10 programs.

University of San Jose – Recoletos

With more than 40 degrees, certificates and diplomas offered, USJ-R’s graduate school is one of Cebu’s biggest. USJ-R fosters and cultivates well-trained leaders with its management programs, such as Master of Business Management and Administration Doctor in Business Administration, and Doctor in Management, major in Educational Management and Human Resource Management.

Cebu Institute of Technology – University

With a solid engineering brand, CIT offers engineering undergraduates the opportunity to expand their knowledge in their fields of expertise and fine-tune their skills with these programs: Master of Engineering major in Civil Engineering, Master of Engineering major in Mechanical Engineering, or Master of Engineering major in Chemical Engineering. CIT-U offers more than a dozen degrees in its graduate school.

Cebu Doctors’ University

As a medical school, CDU offers students a wide range of graduate and post-graduate programs suiting different fields and aspects of work in the field of medicine. Check out the following programs: Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science, Master of Arts in Hospital Administration, Master of Arts in Teaching Medical Related Subjects, Master of Science in Dentistry, Master of Science in Medical Technology, Master of Science in Pharmacy, and Master of Science in Physical Therapy.

University of Southern Philippines Foundation

USPF offers master’s programs in Education with many specializations to choose from: Doctor of Education major in Educational Management, as well as Master of Arts in Education major in Early Childhood Education, Science Education, English Language Teaching, Special Education, Physical Education, or Curriculum and Instruction. It also offers Master of Law and Master of Science in Social Work programs.

Cebu Normal University

Among state universities in Cebu, CNU has the most extensive graduate school programs with 41 degrees, certificates and diplomas on offer. Those pursuing further studies in education in literature and communication can check out CNU, a firm advocate of the written or spoken word, and consider these programs: Doctor of Arts in Literature and Communication, Master of Arts in Literature, or Master of Arts in Communication.

University of San Carlos

The biggest in Cebu, USC’s graduate school has more than 50 degrees, certificates and diplomas to choose from. If you’re in the scientific field, you might be interested in, among many others, the following doctorate and master’s programs: Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology, Doctor of Philosophy in Biology with tracks in Bioscience, Marine Biology or Environmental Science, Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education major in Biology, Chemistry or Physics, or Master of Arts in Anthropology.

Cebu Technological University

With roughly a dozen degrees lined up in its graduate school, CTU’s post-college programs can take your education to another level and open up more opportunities for you in your chosen field. For those treading career paths in tech, check out some of these tech programs: Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management, Master of Science in Industrial Technology, Master of Engineering Technology, and Master of Technician Education.

University of the Philippines Cebu

UP has always been known to champion and celebrate the arts, thus, making it a great institution to take further studies in this field through the Master of Arts in Applied Arts and Design program. Those who want a masters degree from UP can also consider seven other degree programs that the school offers.

University of the Visayas

UV has close to 30 degrees offered in its graduate school. Registered nurses can take their education a step further with a Master of Arts in Nursing program and choose from the following majors: Medical-Surgical Nursing, Nursing Management, Community Health Nursing, Maternal and Child Health Nursing.

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