Adults just wanna have fun - Weekend

Adults just wanna have fun

By Patricia May P. Catan
Illustrations: Enrico P. Santisas


SUMMER can be an adult’s season, too. All you need to do is own it. While summer breaks are often associated with kids having the time of their lives, it’s for adults as well. Here are eight summer workshops you can get your hands on to make life more fun and productive this time of year.

Arts and Crafts

Not everyone is born with artistic hands, but no one ever said you can’t practice to have one. Get in touch with your creative side this summer and enroll in an arts and crafts session in an establishment near you. It takes practice to have your hands work magic and it’s not impossible either. If you want to try your hand in painting, calligraphy or even origami, then you might want to explore an arts and crafts class this summer.


It’s also never too late to get back on track with the sport you love back in high school because summer makes you feel like you have all the time in the world to plainly have fun. Soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, badminton? You name it, there’s probably an institution offering summer sports clinics for an athletic individual like you. Summer is indeed the perfect season to sweat it out and get back in shape. Also, you might want to consider enrolling in swimming lessons because it’s summer anyway and there’s no other place you’d want to be than in the water, right?


Create the soundtrack of your summer and give music a try this season. Have you always wanted to learn how to play a particular instrument? Say the piano, drums or guitar? Live your rock star dream this summer and learn the music basics, be it trying out a new instrument or practicing your vocal chords. We’re positive that by the end of this season, you’re ready to take on any stage and perform your very own song.


If you’re one who is passionate about movement and loves the idea of creating movement, then dance your away around summer and join dance classes in your area. There are plenty of dance studios in the city that you might want to check out, in case they have dance classes you might want to participate in. These dance studios will offer a variety of dance classes depending on your interest. If you want to go contemporary, modern or hip hop, even ballet and belly dancing, it’s absolutely your choice. Just find a dance studio that suits your interest and you’re good to go.


Bring out the dressmaker in you and venture into taking a crash course for dressmaking this summer. It’s a fun way to spend your summer because dressmaking is actually a life skill, too. Imagine sewing your own clothes, which you can design according to your taste without having to buy the expensive kind in retail stores. Plus, you can even sell your very own creations. Dressmaking may not be your average summer workshop but it’s definitely worth a try.


In theater, you not only get to experience acting, but you’ll learn singing and dancing too. It’s a three-in-one privilege actually if you get yourself into theater. There might be an upcoming play you’ll be interested to audition, so it’s best to get yourself ready and shine when auditions come. Summer really is the best time to hone your skills and don’t let this season pass without trying to develop your inborn talent.


Another life skill that’s fun to learn this summer is cooking. Again, not everyone is made for the kitchen but one way or the other, it’s important that you learn even the basics especially when you’re planning to have a family or when you decide to live on your own. You just can’t resort to take out all the time because it can be very unhealthy and it will only waste your money. Cooking classes are available every now and then, so grab the chance and earn yourself a new life skill.


Dreaming of becoming an author one day? Or do you just want to hone your writing skills and learn new techniques? Taking crash courses on writing this summer just might help. Whether you want to learn literary writing or storytelling techniques, enrolling in workshops related to this will definitely help in your road to becoming your own best version of a writer.

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