You’ve got this in the bag - Weekend

You’ve got this in the bag

By Christian Jay B. Quilo
Illustrations: Daryl Garces


UNLESS you’re the type who likes to wing it, staying organized is crucial when you’re in school — that includes the little things like your daily school bag. It’s easy to just stuff everything haphazardly in there, but wouldn’t it be so much better if your bag and its contents are neatly arranged and not looking like an unsegregated garbage bin? As we enter a new school year, here are 11 tips on how to keep your school bag tidy and put-together.

Get a structured bag.

A bag with a definite shape makes sure everything stays in its place and prevents your stuff from tumbling around while in transit. You’ll look chic, too!

Size matters.

If the bag is too small, it’ll be bloated and bursting at the seams. If it’s too big, it’ll look sloppy and the contents inside will get jumbled up. Before getting a bag, go through or make a check list of the things you’ll be putting in it so you can estimate the appropriate size of your bag.

Compartmentalize the contents.

If your bag doesn’t have compartments, segregate your things through pouches, especially small items, so you won’t have to scour through your bag just to look for, say, your lip balm or car keys.

Clean it out regularly.

Trust me, there’s bound to be an old receipt or a gum wrapper tucked away somewhere down there in your bag. Like how you clean your room regularly, your school bag deserves the same maintenance.

Bring only the essentials.

Stick to what you absolutely need in school. Ditch the unnecessary stuff like the 10 extra pens or an entire pad of paper. Those are just a waste of space and added weight.

Assign a place for everything.

Books go in the big compartment, pens go in the first slot, etc. If there’s a designated place for everything, you’ll know immediately where an item is when you need it. This also makes repacking more routine and systematic. When you’ve gotten used to the arrangement of everything, it becomes muscle memory!

Get a binder, if possible.

Having several separate notebooks, there’s a tendency to leave one at home or bring the wrong one to class. With a binder, all the notebooks for your classes are clustered together — so convenient!

Make sure liquids are sealed tight.

The last thing you want to happen is your bottle of cologne or water tumbler spilling all over your notes for tomorrow’s exam. As an extra safety measure, you can even place small liquid items in a Ziploc bag like airport protocol.

When packing, start with large items first.

It’s more space-efficient this way. Once the bulky items like books are out of the way, the small items remaining will be easier to place within your bag.

Secure sharp objects.

Pencils, capless pens or a pair of scissors can poke holes through your bag or leave streaks of ink if you don’t store them securely. Make sure your pens have their lids on, or better yet, get a separate pencil case.

Put the things you need frequently in the most accessible pocket.

House keys, school ID, loose change for fare — place the items you’ll be pulling out regularly in the compartment or pocket that’s most easy to reach and open for quick access.

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