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Staying Pretty in the Sun

Regina Carla Albino
USC Mass Com Intern

We all love to pamper ourselves. We do what it takes to improve our well-being. Looking good and presentable boosts our confidence in everything that we do. Here are some essential beauty tips to enhance yourself for a more youthful you.

Get rid of blackheads
Are you tired of having blackheads around your nose? Egg white is the answer! First, just place the egg white into a small bowl. Secure a face tissue and cut it into a rectangular shape. Then, dip the tissue into the egg white and place it around your nose. Lastly, wait until it dries up and you can now peel the tissue off. Egg white helps unclog pores and removes blackheads.

No to cellulite
Have you been so conscious about the cellulite around your legs? Here’s the remedy! You just have to secure coffee grounds, brown sugar, and olive oil. Mix it all together. Place it to the parts of your legs with cellulite. Gently rub and massage your legs. Wait for 10 minutes, and you can now have glowing and flawless skin. Caffeine tightens and makes your skin more glowing.

No to thin and weak nails
Do you want to achieve strong and more glowing nails? Toothpaste saves the day! Toothpaste is not just for your teeth but is also for your nails. Just place toothpaste around your fingernails and use a small brush to rub. Wait for five minutes and you can now have thicker, stronger and shinier nails. Not only does toothpaste help in preventing thin and weak nails, it also whitens your nails and speeds up their growth.

Say goodbye to cracked heels
Have you ever had cracked heels and felt embarrassed because of it? Having cracked heels, you tend to get conscious of the footwear that you use. Good thing there’s a quick remedy for cracked heels. Secure at least three bananas and mash it inside a zip lock. Then, place your feet inside the zip lock for 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse your foot with water. Do the same with the other foot. Finally, you can have a smooth and gentle feet. Potassium present in banana helps in taking off dead skin.

Hairy legs no more
Do you want to get rid of your hairy legs? Then here’s what you need: one cup sugar, ¼ cup of water, and ¼ lemon juice. Mix it all together. Boil it for five to seven minutes. Then, wait for 10-20 minutes until it cools. Finally, you can now spread it all over your legs and wait until it dries. Pull it off and – voila! – flawless legs.

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