Suited for the Occasion - Weekend

Suited for the Occasion

By Michael Karlo Lim


FRESH graduate, you’re probably going on a job search soon and, with the lack of local employment opportunities, will end up in a position beneath your standards of education and in a line of work entirely unrelated to your degree. Been there, done that. Your college career talk would have prepared you with pointers like “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

While the more relaxed workplace dress codes of today barely require one to clock-in in something more than what one rolled out of bed of, what one wears to work really matters. Image is even more of everything in this Instagram age. Not only does it improve snap judgments and the associated assumptions of capabilities, “dressing for success” affects personal confidence and performance, too.

DJ Gio rocks Cobalt Blue

Suiting has its naysayers in this tropical country, but there are weather-appropriate materials and makes along with the ever-increasing availability of air-conditioned public spaces. Besides, the beauty of layers is in the availability of options to keep on or take off to give way to instant style switches. Manner of dress reflects manner in general.

The rigidities of tailoring almost always extend into the wearer’s conduct. With all that structure, contemporary options still allow a lot of room for personality.

Michael Uy adds color to dark grey

“A symbol of sartorial style, suiting has long been the pinnacle of menswear defined by craftsmanship and attention to detail. Hero styles such as the slim fit, skinny and ultra-skinny made from 100% wool serve as the foundation for Topman’s workwear offerings.”

The intermediate between black and white, grey is a neutral that pairs well with just about any other color. It is also quite easy to shift from formal-to-casual and business-to-leisure with slight adjustments and the addition or removal of accessories. An otherwise achromatic skinny-cut grey suit and white shirt pairing can be given a punch with a nonchalantly stuffed pocket square in floral purple and captoe oxfords in oxblood.

Skinny-cut Grey Suit

Topman’s Muscle fit suit is tailored to a muscular physique and engineered to stretch with the flex. In the business of pleasure as a DJ, Gio keeps it classy and classic with a streamlined look but in a bolder, bluer cobalt color.

The ultra-skinny suit in blue can be worn more casually with a burgundy knit pullover. Cut extremely close to the body, the fit may seem unforgiving but is tailored with considerations for ease of movement. Ultimately, it flatters and elongates the figure.

The three-piece breakdown

Shirts are no longer limited to plain whites or plain any-other-colors as tasteful incorporations of patterns and prints can now be found in the boardroom setting. Mick takes some of the somber off a dark gray suit with a fitted two-color plaid shirt.

A single three-piece suit can be worn multiple ways as an activity or occasion calls for. It is especially versatile for mixing and matching while traveling. Full, sans vest, tee underneath, jacket with jeans, shirt with pants…and so many other combinations. Inset, the vest is worn with a plain white tee, jeans and penny loafers for a dressy casual vibe.

Topman is owned by Robinson’s Specialty Stores Inc. and is located in Cebu at Ayala Center-Cebu.

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