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Statement meant

By Michael Karlo Lim

FLORALS are nothing new to menswear but a full head-to-toe garden is often approached with a lot of trepidation by the prospective wearer. Perhaps, even the onlooker, too. The E! Philippines EB Cebu Blogger’s Ball called for Luxury Resort Wear and I thought I’d take a Pink Floral Print Ultra Skinny Fit Suit from Topman out for another spin. This suit jacket with one button fastening and notch lapel comes with matching trousers. A plain black vest sans undershirt plus chains and loafers complete the relaxed yet tailored look.

While it does make a case for the statement suit, its wearability is weighed down by questions on how often one can make the same statement and against its price tag. It’s always relative. The tailoring here is impeccable for ready-to-wear. Any cheaper off-the-rack suits are what they are.

One can maximize cost per wear by breaking the two-piece down and wearing it in multiple combinations with other items and for a variety of occasions. Throw the jacket over a black shirt and jeans for a dressier date night or over a tank and white pants for a garden party. Pair the pants with a linen shirt and mandals for a beach affair, or even with jprawns in X.O. chili sauce.

Jacket Over Tank And Slacks


Plain Tee and Pants Combo

The four-hands collab of the dim sum kitchen and Executive Pastry Chef Jean-Marc Gaucher presents the Molten Chocolate XLB Dumpling Trio in 3 flavors: an intensely vegetal Uji matcha & sweet, creamy Vietnamese white chocolate; luxuriously bitter dark chocolate from the Ivory Coast; and Gaucher’s favorite childhood memory of Hazelnut & Chocolate with Banana. Your choice of any one of three is also available as a set with a warm but strangely refreshing Chinese Sweet Potato & Ginger Soup.

Cuisine Cuisine surely puts the yum in yum cha. Note the vehement emphasis in the repetition – so good they had to name it twice.

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