Touches of Ultra Violet - Weekend

Touches of Ultra Violet

By Christian Jay B. Quilo


IT’S official — world-renowned authority on color Pantone just announced PANTONE 18-3838 ULTRA VIOLET as 2018’s Color of the Year. According to Pantone, “A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” Whether you’re ready to embrace the audacious color with wide open arms or still having second thoughts about it, here are some ways you can add Ultra Violet into your lifestyle:


Expect brands and retailers jumping on the Ultra Violet bandwagon and soon enough, you’ll be seeing pieces in the rich shade on the racks of your favorite stores. If you’re still on the fence about the color, try a few pieces on and see if it suits you. Since Ultra Violet is already quite bold, pair it with neutrals or something more subdued to avoid looking too flashy.

Linens and sheets

Inject the color of the year into your living room or bedroom with some Ultra Violet pillowcases and sheets. The punch of color will freshen up the room.


If you’re willing to splurge and you’ve got the extra moolah, why not purchase an Ultra Violet piece for your house or room? A fun side table or a cool couch can be a great accent or focal point of the space.


Carry your valuables in a Ultra Violet bag. The color is eye-catching on its own, so you might want to opt for a bag in a classic silhouette or timeless design for utmost versatility.


A more in-your-face (pun intended) approach is by adding hints of Ultra Violet in your make-up! A number of cosmetic brands already have this color in their lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and other products. Maybe an Ultra Violet lip? Or smokey Ultra Violet lids, perhaps?


Jot down your notes on a fun Ultra Violet journal. At least it’s something inexpensive yet useful.


It might not be the most practical idea but it is a striking statement. Punctuate your day-to-day ensembles with Ultra Violet shoes: sneakers, pumps, sandals—whatever suits your lifestyle. Whenever someone gives you the head-to-toe look, at least the last thing they’ll look at is the color of the year.

Cellphone Case

Dress up your phone in this year’s color. There will be a plethora of designs so just take your pick.

Hair Color

A change this drastic and dramatic will require full decidedness and confidence. If you’re ready to rock a new do for the new year, then go ahead and go ultra violet! You can start with the tips to test it out first. If you’re ready for the big jump, go full on ultra violet! Just make sure you have it done at a reputable salon or by a professional hairstylist and that you’re ready for the laborious and costly maintenance.

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