7 value-for-money gift ideas for fresh grads

By Patricia May P. Catan
Photo: Associated Press
Illustrations: Enrico P. Santisas


IT’S graduation season, which probably means you’re currently in panic mode to find the best gift there is for your graduating loved ones. A brand-new car? The latest iPhone or Samsung model? A fine piece of jewelry? These gift ideas are quite overrated, and fresh graduates need something that will aid them in their quest to adulthood. If you’re looking for gifts that are worth something, you don’t have to look further because SunStar Weekend lists down seven uncommon yet helpful gift ideas and why you should choose to get them.

A round trip plane ticket to a destination of choice.

Graduating from school also means freedom and nothing is more liberating for fresh graduates to celebrate their Independence Day than to go on a trip alone and see a part of the world. A change of environment even for a short while after long years of studying will instantly give them a glimpse of the real world.

An ATM card to manage finances.

Fresh graduates need a sense of responsibility right after graduation and giving them their first ATM card will serve just that. There’s no denying that money matters in adulthood and letting them manage their finances as early as now will positively help them in the near future.

A few self-help books to jumpstart maturity.

Adulting doesn’t come with an instruction manual but a few self-help books might light the path for these fresh graduates. Nothing in this life comes easy and while some of them will learn it the hard way, others might also follow a clearer road with self-help books as guide.

A journal to memorialize adulthood.

Fresh graduates are now set to face a new chapter in their lives and as they slowly turn from one page to the next, it’s best to memorialize these experiences through writing. A journal is one helpful tool to bring back good and bad memories they can fondly reminisce or take a lesson or two from.

A diploma frame to showcase a milestone.

A diploma is concrete proof of the hard work graduates have painstakingly exerted in their years spent in school. This paper trophy deserves a space in every Filipino household and must be proudly displayed in a quality frame. This manifestation of a milestone definitely brings pride to the grad’s family.

A blazer to wear in job interviews.

Fresh graduates all have a common route to follow and that’s job hunting. Often disregarded but can mainly affect the outcome of an interview is the choice of clothing. Invest in a blazer, sports jacket or suit jacket because you don’t know when you’ll need one for work (power meetings, for instance). Who knows this essential piece of clothing might make or break their future?

A desk accessory set for the office.

A desk accessory set complete with a pen cup, file sorter, file box, business card holder and the like are a dream set for the newly hired fresh graduate. The first few days at work are for settling in and this is where these desk accessories come in handy. It will help categorize and organize documents and supplies found on the desk.

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