Graduation Rites Survival 101 - Weekend

Graduation Rites Survival 101

By Christian Jay B. Quilo
Images: Associated Press


THE graduation ceremony can be an exciting yet extremely drawn out affair. It’s only a matter of time before that diploma you’ve worked hard on for years will finally be in your hands; but alas, there’s still a long program ahead of you. So close yet so far! But hang on there, here are some tips on how you can get through the graduation rites. Congratulations in advance!

Get a good night’s rest before the big day.

Don’t stay up late the night before. You want to look and feel your best—that includes being well rested. You don’t want to ‘accidentally’ fall asleep while the program is ongoing.

Eat a hearty meal prior to the ceremony.

If the ceremony is early in the morning, have a filling breakfast. If it’s in the afternoon, have a light snack. You’re going to need energy for all the clapping, singing, among other things you’ll be doing.

Go early.

The last thing you want to be is late to your own graduation. Save yourself from the stress and go early. This will give enough time to settle down, have a quick chat with your friends and whatnot.

Have candy or mints in your pocket.

Some graduation rites finish way past a meal time so it’s best to have candy to temporarily sate your hunger if it strikes (and it will, I promise you).

Don’t drink a lot of water.

Drink water sparingly as to avoid too many trips to the bathroom. That toga is not exactly toilet-friendly. But don’t dehydrate yourself either.

Stick to a tried-and-tested look.

Err on the side of caution and stick to a safe look, whether that’s your make-up, hair or outfit. You want to try something new for such an event and yes, it could work—but it might also not; and if it doesn’t, remember that it will be immortalized in photos that will haunt you for the rest of the life.

Bring blotting paper.

If you have oily skin, blotting paper is a must-have. You may be looking fresh for the first hour but later on, shine is bound to show. Have a pack ready so you can blot whenever necessary. You don’t want your face looking like a reflector in the photos.

Make friends with your seatmates.

Most likely, you’ll be seated in alphabetical order and not with your besties. If you’re not very familiar or close with your seatmates, take this time to make friends with them. You’ll keep each other company for the rest of the ceremony!

Wear comfortable shoes.

The graduation ceremony will involve a lot of standing and walking so make sure to wear comfortable footwear, especially for the ladies who’ll be in heels. If you plan to wear a new pair on the big day, break them in beforehand so they won’t be as tough and stiff on your feet once you wear them.

Enjoy it.

Yes, it’s not the most fun and entertaining of occasions and you just want to get it done and over with—but your graduation is still special nonetheless and this happens only once in your life. Savor every moment.

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