18 New Year’s Resolutions You Never Accomplish

By Patricia May P. Catan
Images: Associated Press


THE New Year gives us a fresh start. It provides a clean slate for us to begin all over again, and maybe even become a better version of ourselves. The New Year also means that a fresh set of resolutions is in order, but this time we highlight those that you most likely won’t achieve at the end of the year. And because 2018 has just begun and in the spirit of fun, we’ve listed 18 New Year’s resolutions you probably would never accomplish.

Go on a diet. We hate to break it to you, but this so-called personal goal is number one on our New Year’s resolution fail list. We’re pretty sure it’s on everyone else’s too. It’s just that people tend to never fulfill this one because food is life, right? We always love to try new restaurants and we’re positive that this year, there’s going to be a lot popping out. I mean, what diet?

Spend less time on the internet. Who are we kidding? Most probably ourselves because unless we move off the grid then I guess this one’s going to be possible. We’re on our phone and computer for almost 24/7, which makes humans and the internet inseparable.

Hit the gym. We know, we know. A lot might protest on this one, but there’s actually a bigger percentage of people who never get to hit the gym no matter how many times they convince themselves every year. It takes a lot of motivation and perseverance to really be consistent, so if you’re one who doesn’t possess such traits then we say you bid farewell to your gym membership!

Pay only for needs, not wants. This right here is one of the hardest things to accomplish because as human beings, we seek to pamper ourselves most of the time and what better way to indulge than with shopping. Now this part always hurts our pockets, doesn’t it?

Minimize procrastination. Everyone’s an expert on this and we are our own master of procrastination, so we’re predicting that 2018 is still going to be a year of last minute work and decisions. Let’s just try again next year, yeah?

Stop binge watching episodes on Netflix. Who else is guilty as charged? 2017 was the year of “Netflix and chill” which ultimately became a favorite hobby for the majority. We also don’t think that this pastime is going away soon because television shows are what we live for.

Clean up files in the computer. There are some things we just can’t easily let go like that photo of you from 2010 with a bad haircut. We love hoarding memories so much that we don’t care how cringe-worthy they actually are. Let’s hope that your storage can handle all these files you’re trying to salvage from the past.

Start journal writing. We often find ourselves buying a 365-page journal at the bookstore, but we never really write a drop of ink on it. All we ever do is stare at it and store for safekeeping. Those stacked journals from the previous years are not going to write themselves, so it’s best if we pretend like we didn’t own them.

Find time to read a few books. This goes easy for bookworms, but what about those who aren’t? People would want this as a New Year’s resolution in hopes of expanding their knowledge and vocabulary. While it’s easier said than done, half of those who promise themselves such never find time to read because of countless, repeating reasons.

Go green for Mother Earth. A complete change in lifestyle is almost impossible to achieve in one year. A lot of individuals write this down as a resolution for a greater purpose and that’s to save Mother Earth, but our actions always say otherwise. It takes a huge dose of dedication for one to completely devote in this change. We suggest to take it one step at a time for better results.

Learn how to cook. It’s a skill every man and woman should learn. Cooking is a key skill for the future, but let’s admit it, cooking is really not for everyone. Some are just better off resolving to home delivery rather than burning the entire house down.

Get more sleep. School and work always gets in the way of our every day sleep cycle. We get so obsessed with paperwork that we neglect our own health, thus the lack of sleep. This year won’t be any different because no matter how you promise yourself to get that eight hours of sleep, school or work is going to mess it up for you. Again.

Refrain from playing online games. Tempting and addicting. The two main reasons we couldn’t get our eyes and hands off our phones. The virtual world has become our way of looking for fun and as long as these human innovations are constantly present, there’s no easy way out.

Practice work-life balance. For the working bunch who needs to hustle seven days a week, it’s almost impossible to take some time off from a hectic schedule. Work has become a lifestyle and it’s getting harder to break it.

Monitor alcohol intake. Conversations are made better or even deeper paired with alcohol, which is why this New Year’s resolution is on our list. We spend most of our time with friends through drinking sessions and we can tell that this year won’t be any different.

Save money. This actually requires a ton of effort if you’re serious about saving some cash for the year ahead. While it looks so easy for some, it’s actually hard to realize such a resolution. A lot of temptations surround us and most of the time, we are left defeated, and we are to accept the fact that we just can’t handle saving money for now.

Enjoy the weekend with family. Nowadays, we are so caught up with work that we spend less and less time with our family. The weekends have turned into working weekends too and it’s sad to say that work has already become our top priority.

Live in the moment. Now you’ve probably heard this line somewhere or in a movie, and obviously this line has gotten trendy. By living in the moment, this actually means that you live in the NOW and appreciate what and who surrounds you. Sadly in this generation, we’ve taken this for granted because every move we make always needs to be documented, which is why this deserves to be in our fail list.

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