Whom You Gonna Call? - Weekend

Whom You Gonna Call?

Emergency contact numbers you need in your life right now

By Patricia May P. Catan


ONE’S safety should always be of utmost priority especially when disaster strikes, and the best time to prepare for an emergency is long before it happens. An unexpected emergency may cause one to be disoriented and upset, so it’s advisable to have all emergency hotlines readily available ahead of time. These hotline numbers not only make things convenient, but it may also help save one’s life. Making sure that every family member is familiar with these emergency contact numbers (not just because July is National Disaster Resilience Month), SunStar Weekend jots down essential contact details that might be of aid in times of disaster and emergency.

Philippine Red Cross
Cebu Chapter

Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is an organization that provides excellent life-saving services that care for the life and dignity of Filipinos especially in difficult situations. The organization provides various humanitarian assistance such as nation blood services, disaster management services, safety services, community health and nursing, and lastly, social services.

Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF)

Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF) responds to emergencies such as accidents and calamities—helping those in need and saving lives through a vast network of medical, rescue and rehabilitation, pre-hospital, and training services. With the battle cry of “we serve so that others may live,” it’s their mission to provide a safer and more peaceful community through service-oriented paramedic assistance propelled by the spirit of volunteerism.

Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management Cebu

The Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management aims to mitigate the potential effects of the various hazards and vulnerabilities that impact the province as well as implement measures aimed at preserving life and property, further minimizing casualties and damages. They also respond and manage effectively to the needs of the affected populace and local jurisdictions during emergencies and provide a recovery system aimed at returning to normalcy the soonest time possible.

PNP Police Regional Office 7

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is mainly responsible for law enforcement. The PNP maintains peace and order, prevents and controls all crimes, and ensures public safety and internal security with the active support of the community to attain a safer place to live, work and do business.

Bureau of Fire Protection 7

The Bureau of Fire Protection is responsible for the prevention and suppression of destructive fires, investigate its causes, provide emergency medical and rescue services, and enforce other fire-related laws with active involvement of the community.

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