18 Ways to Spend Your P18 this 2018

By Christian Jay B. Quilo


What can your 18 pesos buy? It may seem like a meager amount, but you’d be surprised by the range of things you can buy with it, from food to house items. Here are 18 things you can get for 18 pesos:

1. Round-trip jeepney fare to most malls in the city. Whether you’re off to do errands, looking for good AC or just plain bored, you can easily hop on a jeepney to any of the major malls in the metro. That’s back and forth already. No need to look out for a seat sale.

2. Buy 1, Take 1 Fuji Apples at Metro Supermarket. If you’re ever at Metro Supermarket and apples happen to be on your grocery list, you might want to take advantage of Metro’s current buy 1, take 1 promo on Fuji apples. No, this is not a paid product mention.

3. A can of Ulam King’s Saucy Menudo. Craving for menudo but you have absolutely zero skills in the kitchen? Here’s a quick fix!

4. Two packs of Lucky Me! Pancit Canton. You can never go wrong with Pancit Canton anytime of the day.

5. A 150 mL bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol. Sorry to disappoint you but you can’t get the drinkable kind of alcohol for 18 pesos. On the bright side, you can get the disinfecting kind!

6. A 355 mL bottle of C500 Tangy Lemonade. Each bottle contains 500mg of Vitamin C—a convenient and refreshing immune system boost in a bottle.

7. A new dish sponge. Those dirty dishes aren’t going to clean themselves, are they?

8. A two-finger KitKat. We all need a break, after all.

9. A five-stick pack of Doublemint chewing gum. This *might* help hide your garlic breath.

10. Five mini pan de sal. Perfect for breakfast on the go!

11. An extra topping for your milk tea. It’s just not the same without the chewy sinkers, right?

12. Extra gravy for Chickenjoy or Burger Steak. Because sometimes, that tiny cup of gravy that comes with the meal isn’t enough.

13. A piece from an ukay-ukay. It sounds impossible but some ukay-ukay shops have pieces for as low as 10 pesos. Just be patient and you’ll find some great pieces.

14. A ballpoint pen. You should always have a pen in your bag.

15. A pack of wet wipes. Another everyday essential, wet wipes have a lot of uses—from wiping dirty surfaces to bathroom emergencies.

16. A Fundae cone from 7-Eleven. A cool and sweet respite from the tropical heat.

17. Three tokens at World of Fun. Have a try at the arcade games, but be warned—you might get tempted to buy more than three tokens.

18. Street cart food. Just think about the tempura, kwek-kwek and fish balls, topped with cucumber slices and soaked in a flavorful sauce.

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