‘What’s your most memorable drinking experience?’ - Weekend

‘What’s your most memorable drinking experience?’

By Elisha Judy Tabaque


IT’S that time of the year for music and beer! Cheers to all of us because it’s Oktoberfest!

Did you know that the largest beer festival in the world came to be when King Ludwig I of Bavaria married Princess Theresia? Yes, the king invited the public for a grand celebration. Over time, the event was commemorated with festivities overflowing with food and, of course, beer. Now, the whole world, including Cebu, celebrates Oktoberfest.

But even if it’s not Oktoberfest, beer and a variety of drinks flow year round in these parts. And with every drinking spree comes untold stories, incomparable memories and bonding withouth equal among those you’ve boozed with. While nothing beats drinking moderately and responsibly, there’s always that time that one gulps down one glass too many or the circumstances aren’t the ones you’re used to. We’re sure you’ve got your own stories to tell, but here’s a few drinking unforgettables from our SunStar Weekend readers:

Steve Brian A. Sia, 28

“Sharing a drink with foreigners is the best way to know other else’s culture and traditions. As a seaman by profession, I can never forget that moment when I shared a drink with Russian fellows. We often look at Russians in a bad way because historywise, their nation was once communist. I myself was at first quite hesitant to drink with them. But then I realized, Russians are great people. They listen to you and they are very welcoming. That drinking moment I had with them was actually the best I ever had because for a first-time experience of drinking with another nationality while being treated nicely, it left a worthwhile memory in my heart. Though there’s a difference between our alcohol tolerance because Russians are above moderate hard liquor drinkers who are ultimate lovers of vodka and beer, I was still able to survive and even ended up smiling in bed. Astarovia!”

Sunshine May A. Rubin, 22
Law Student

“There are many ways we can create memorable experiences. For me, a really good story happens whenever an alcoholic beverage is served on the table. Caveat, I am not a habitual drinker. Spontaneity and uncalculated risks became the driving forces in making one of the many memorable drinking experiences I’ve had. It happened when my college friends and I decided to drink at our friend’s house because it was a long weekend. In a drinking session, I like it when I personally mix the drinks because by doing so I would know how to regulate my alcohol intake. I volunteer for this role because I have no intentions of getting so drunk that I lose my self-control. While we were having fun drinking in the dark and air-conditioned room, my scheme did not work out when my friends played ‘truth or dare’ and dared me to drink while in a handstand position. True enough, you become bold and brave when you are intoxicated. So I did it — all the while forgetting the fact that drinking in an air-conditioned room was, and still is, my kryptonite. Afterwards, I was so tired that even going to the bathroom entailed all the remaining ‘sober’ cells I had to function well. Hence, I let myself puke on the huge comforter and I remembered all of my friends panicking because it was their first time to see me in such a state of drunkenness. I thought of them as paramedics — drunk paramedics, to be precise. The next day, I lost my watch and my earrings. At least that’s what I thought.”

Christian Saoh, 28
Digital Marketing Manager

“I’m not a heavy drinker so to speak. Thus, this memorable drinking experience is both good and bad for me. The good part is that I’m still alive to this day and have proven to myself that I am not cut-out to be anyone’s drinking buddy. The flip side to this was the very moment we were drinking. It was Christmas Eve and we actually can’t remember anything that happened! Zero-memories-passed-out-blanked! We were on autopilot like ‘The Hangover.’ Yes, that’s the one! With random things in mind, we had Karaoke, we cooked, we bought Gummy Bears (because we thought of making alcoholic Gummy Bears), we cried, danced and wrote drunken poetry – all in one setting! The only person that wasn’t drunk was the ‘Tanggera’ or should I say ‘The Culprit.’ She made up some magical wicked drink I guess. When it was all over, we only saw humiliating pictures and heard shameful stories of what we did. Drinking and dying is not your go-to place. Thankfully, that was the first and last time I got so drunk. Always remember to drink moderately and enjoy everyone’s company. You are loved! As for me, I will never drink and die again.”

Hindley Philip T. Redulla, 21

“The most memorable experience as for me does not happen at the time we decide to party at those cocktail lounge or drink and be wasted at those fancy night clubs. Rather, sipping a bottle of beer with your circle of friends at 2 a.m. at the rooftop while sharing individual sentiments makes for a every memorable drinking experience. Every drinking session I have is always counted to be memorable because of the people I was and will always be with. The circle I have are the kind of people who, at your highest and lowest will be there no matter what happens. Imagine drinking a bunch of beers on a beach and grilling pork chops on a gas grill while talking about how you’ve been and how you’ve become, plus the laughter and tears — in one perfect moment. You can’t buy that! No one can ever compare the best experience when a rendezvous with your genuine circle comes along with beers! Cheers!”

Jay-Ann J. Rebleza, 24
Call center Agent

“My most embarrassing yet memorable drinking experience was when I was 16. What happened was, I went out with my LGBT friends. And just like any other usual drinking session, you get to acquaint with your friends’ friends. So to cut it short, I enjoyed the night drinking variety of drinks which included tequila, kamikazee, fundador and redhorse beer. So guess what happened next? I got drunk, of course! So since I’m drunk, I didn’t know how to go home anymore. My friends decided to bring me with them. Little did I know, it was on a stranger’s crib. I slept at a stranger’s crib! Lesson learned is don’t get yourself sleeping at the right side of a wrong bed.”

Shaira Mae M. Taborada, 21, and Emmanuel T. Gemina III, 21
Web Content Writers

“We know that we have been destined to be best friends ever since the start of time — being conceived and born at more or less at the same year. Growing up, we share the same circle of friends and we always have a share of our fun times together. There won’t be Mai without Manu or vice versa. We literally grew up together so we also hit our ‘exploratory’ phase together, and that is when we started drinking together. There was this one time, when a club in Banilad newly opened, we decided to check out the club together with our friends. It was crazy packed! Good thing we always bring a bottle of Emperador with us in the car, just to be sure when the need arises. Since there were no tables available, another group of friends asked us to join theirs and that’s when the it went wild. We were taking in mixes of drinks here and there. All of us couldn’t remember most of what happened that night but we know that we had one of the best nights of our lives. One of us even ended up puking in one of the red cups. We topped off the night with a quick bukid run with another group of friends, different from those who we drank with. So, if you would want to share a drink with people who doesn’t say no. Then that would be us!”

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