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Around the world with brewer’s kitchen

TRAVELING around the world is a privilege. Getting to know different cultures and ways of life leads to a trove of knowledge and discoveries, all of which won’t be complete without experiencing new dishes and drinks. Good thing you can satiate your wanderlust and gustatory desires in a place closer to home.

USA and Australia (James Boag premium)

Brewer’s Kitchen, a new gastropub in Cebu, simulates these experiences from distant lands and offers a wide array of imported and craft beers that could very well help you experience the drinking culture of other countries, especially when paired with a delectable selection of food.

With over 100 imported beer brands on their menu, including local craft beer brands that Cebuanos have come to love, embark on a delightful journey drinking beer from around the world. Take a trip to the United States of America and taste the fruity bittersweet taste of Anderson Valley Heech O’Hops Imperial IPA beer from California. Then head on down across the pond and go on to the medieval towns and Renaissance architecture of Belgium as you enjoy a fruity and tarty Floris Framboise beer from Melle.


Then just a little ways away, you can experience the lush landscapes of Germany with a clear and balanced sip of the Oettinger Pilsner, made in Bayern. Next, you can experience the iconic London, England through a delicious bottle of London Porter with its rich, smooth toffee flavor and intense kick.

And after a whole lot of traveling, there is no place you’d rather be than home. Come home to a diverse collection of Filipino-made craft beer like the Nipa Brew and Juan Brew and many more.

Rack of Skewers
Merlot Draft Wine

But the beer experience doesn’t stop there. Brewer’s Kitchen also has imported craft beers on tap and even draft Merlot wine — each glass is just as fresh as the first.

When the thirst for a cold brew and the hunger for good food is strong, Brewer’s Kitchen is the place that serves chill vibes along with a variety of choices for grub and pick-me-ups that amounts to a great time.

Asian Buffalo Chicken Wings
Camembert Cheese

The Rack of Skewers, a crowd favorite, is the perfect pulutan that’s a mix of Thai pork, lemongrass chicken, veal sausage and Hungarian sausage. Their Asian Buffalo Chicken Wings are too good to pass up with its sweet and spicy sauce and blue cheese dip.

One of their newest dishes is the Cheesy Lasagna Nachos, a play on two favorites: nachos and lasagna. Topped with cheesy goodness, it’s almost a sin not to grab more than one chip.

Salmon with Kimchi Rice
Cheesy Lasagna Nachos

Brewer’s Kitchen is the perfect hangout to unwind and enjoy some food and cold brew with friends and family, and even feel like being in many wonderful places all at once. Everyone is welcome to dine, chill and have a great time at Brewer’s Kitchen.

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