Switching things up - Weekend

Switching things up

What readers think of women proposing to men

By Cassandra C. Poculan


YOU have probably seen it all. The grand gestures, the carefully written and rehearsed spiel, the stunning locale of choice, all leading up to that one movie-like scene — the guy on one knee, holding up a ring, while the girl is in tears and most likely has her hands over her mouth. But what if women were to do the proposing? Would it be more elaborate? More importantly, wouldn’t it be frowned upon? We ask readers what their thoughts are on women popping the question.

Elizabeth Maderazo, 27
Licensed Physician

“Women are powerful and they should do whatever they want. Proposing for her future is perfectly okay. The fact that people think it’s taboo is because of the patriarchy we have been brought up with. We should learn to take the power and support other women.”

Mike Maralit, 26
Business Development Manager
Yondu Inc.

“Definitely! I’m sure that this idea has been in the minds of a lot of women since before we were born and even way back. Considering things for discussion, some probably have done it already. We should always be reminded that proposing is an intent of showing our eternal love for that one person based on the unique and deep experiences shared together. Therefore, the situation should not be limited by gender stereotypes.”

Ryan San Luis, 34
Medical Sales Rep
Biomedica Health Care Inc.

“I don’t agree with women proposing to men primarily because it depletes the essence of their worth as a woman who need to be courted and to be loved above anything else. It’s the responsibility of the man to take care of the woman and it should start from that.”

Kimberly Sia, 28
Business Unit Manager
BE Residences/Benedict Ventures Inc.

“I am not in favor of women proposing. I grew up in a conservative family and biblically it should be the man who should be the one asking for your hand. I think this is the proper one.”

Katrina Holganza, 27
Licensed Physician

“Yes. As long as you’re comfortable doing it, I don’t see why it would be a problem. We spend way too much time thinking about what society would say, and usually this holds us back from the opportunity to truly be happy. Whatever feels right for you, go for it! You do you, boo.”

Mary-Ann Pino, 22
Business Process Associate

“I don’t agree with the idea of women popping the question. A woman should wait for the man to do it to be totally certain that the latter is ready and committed to her. Even though the modern mindset has become more prominent, I still believe in the traditional Filipino practice of ‘pamamanhikan.’ It’s the man’s duty to propose to show respect and commitment to the woman and her family especially to the parents.”

Martie de Castro, 22
Marketing Associate
Innoland Development Corp.

“Of course it is. I believe in equal gender roles and just because a man is a man, he is then forced to take the position of the one who bends down on one knee and asks the most awaited question ‘Will you marry me?’ When two people who are in love feel like it is the right time to take things to the next level and get married, or perhaps if a woman feels like it is the perfect time to take the relationship up a notch, then who dares stop her from saying ‘Marry me?’”

Gifmira Pepito, 24
Program Management Associate
Accenture Inc.

“In my case as an individual (and I happen to be a woman), I would want to have a life partner who would be the one to decide that I would be his wife by proposing. Marriage for me is for you to make a family of your own. When a guy proposes, I think he has to be willing to take the girl as his life partner. As a woman, I would want to have that kind of assurance from the guy.”

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