Of Pursuits and Passions - Weekend

Of Pursuits and Passions

By Cassandra C. Poculan


EVERYONE has a hobby. It may be something you picked up when you were young, or something that piqued your interest over the course of your adulthood. While there are some who have been lucky to have turned their hobby into a job, there are also those who have ceased to pursue theirs due to unforeseen circumstances, or simply because they could no longer fit them into their schedule. These readers tell us what hobbies or interests they wish they had time for.

Carmelle Pil, 27

I have always wanted to study and learn a different language. Say French or Spanish maybe? To be able to speak and write either of the two languages is the dream. However, time rains on my parade. Finding an available time to learn and master these skills is just almost impossible for now.

Vernon Jess Tima-an, 28
Bleachers Barbecue

Agriculture. I’ve always been fascinated with how chefs are able to grow their own produce — serving fresh organic vegetables from their gardens to their customers’ tables. It’s something I am currently looking up but, unfortunately, have not been able to pursue. Maybe soon, I will be able to learn and bring this as something new to the table.

Mark Rabadon, 26
Account Executive
Campaigns & Grey

Since I find solace in music, especially piano instrumentals, it has been my dream to learn how to play the piano. When I was growing up, we never had enough resources to pursue my musical aspirations. Now that I’m working, I can’t seem to fit music lessons into my schedule. Still, I hope that someday I can make that dream a reality.

Angel Tudtud, 31
Operations and Accounts Manager
Bigseed PR & Events

To learn ballet. Dance is a very underrated art form especially in the Philippines, and it’s really unfortunate that not a lot of people are able to appreciate it. What I see in dance is grace, form, and beauty rolled into one. There are times when I find myself teary eyed after watching a beautiful performance and no other art form has that effect on me. That to me is the power of dance.

Beryl Salazar, 26
Medical Intern
Cebu Institute of Medicine

Self-defense. An attack by a stranger can occur anytime, without warning, when you least expect it. I want to have the confidence knowing that I can protect myself in all situations, and at the same time, develop increased mental and physical health.

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