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What’s new at the Sugbo

Unicorn Freak Shake from Crazy Curly

By Alexis Yap


THEY’RE always keeping it fresh and interesting at Sugbo Mercado, Cebu’s favorite weekend food market. The stellar line-up of booths offering special and unique food and drinks and the festive ambience keep its patrons coming back week after week.

Just last week I got to try probably one of the most delicious and indulgent sandwiches I’ve had — The Smoked Beef Brisket from Hog & Bull. You know that tingling sensation you get when your tongue touches perfectly seared animal fat that just melts in your mouth? Yeah. Complement with John Lemon’s Orange Lemonade… Perfect!

This yummy sandwich also comes with a Smoked Pulled-Pork variety for those who are keen and a side of tangy coleslaw and fried mac n’ cheese balls. The Tiyula Itum, an almost-black soup dish with chunks of meat from Tausug Spices introduces a unique Filipino flavor palate that is both interesting and honestly quite delicious. It’s a refreshing fact that as a Filipino myself, there are flavors within our cuisine I haven’t yet tried. And they’re available at Sugbo Mercado!

I’ve been experiencing an unintentional obsession for Vietnamese these past few weeks, eating pho and drinking strong Vietnamese coffee all over town. The pho from Saigon Oi at the Sugbo Mercado is definitely the most affordable and one of the most delicious. Its broth is packed with flavor and its bowl filled with al dente noodles and just the right balance of meat and vegetables.

ESPRESSO PATRONUM. Rolled Ice Cream from Sweet Fix

My obsession for strong Vietnamese coffee was recently supplemented with a fascination for the special Turkish coffee they have at Khava Turka. They are served in beautiful, little espresso mugs with intricate designs. I was excited to finish my coffee to see what image my coffee roasts revealed after setting my cup upside down for 5 minutes. The images correspond to a “fortune” reading described in their book of interpretations. My coffee revealed an image of a crown and I was very pleased by its positive meaning!

Smoked Pulled Pork from Hog & Bull
Smoked Beef Brisket with Coleslaw and Fried Mac n’ Cheese from Hog&Bull

I was so happy that I still managed to finish a serving of Espresso Patronum from Sweet Fix, a rolled, coffee flavored ice cream you would want all to your self. And as if that wasn’t enough, who could resist a Unicorn Freak Shake from Crazy Curly? It’s a strawberry shake (bubblegum and chocolate flavors also available) adorned with all sorts of nice and sweet: ice cream, fairy frosting, spun sugar, sour gum strip, gummy bear, marshmallows, and siakoy!

Pho from Saigon Oi
Turkish Coffee from Khava Turka

Visit Sugbo Mercado at the Garden Bloc, IT Park in Lahug and give their new stuff a try. Your favorites still await to give you comfort feels in every bite. Cebu’s Weekend Food Market is open from Thursdays through Sundays, 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.

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