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#AddDONATEButton: Netizen proposes ‘donate’ button in DQR

By Iona Finlay C. Mendoza

A PRIVATE citizen proposed the donation of the DQR Pahalipay Rewards as relief goods for Typhoon Odette victims through the #AddDONATEButton movement.

In a Facebook post by Nana Cabales dated December 18, 2021, the netizen urged the city government of Davao to add a “Donate” button in the SafeDavaoQR app which will give Dabawenyos an option to convert their unclaimed Pahalipay Rewards as relief goods to be delivered to typhoon victims.

Cabales said the proposed platform is an option for people who cannot claim their grocery package or for individuals who want to donate but have limited resources.
“I empathize with the people who are aching to help and donate but feel they don’t have much to give,” said Cabales during an interview on Monday, December 20.

“I commend the initiative of our local government in implementing the SafeDavao QR App and coursing the Pahalipay Rewards through the app. I really think that this app has so much potential and can be utilized further.”

Cabales shared that she already sent a proposal letter about the #AddDONATEButton movement addressed to Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

“I sent a proposal letter to the City addressed to Mayor Sara through the Technical Consultant of the City Mayor. I am very optimistic that they will hear us,” she said.

According to Cabales, the proposal is also scheduled for presentation in the city mayor’s office on Monday.

Cabales’ original post on Saturday, with accompanying infographics created by her colleague, was reshared by another netizen. The reshared post went viral by December 19, Sunday, however, many other Dabawenyos directly expressed their support to Cabales for her initiative.

“What is more delightful for me is seeing more of our regular citizens uniting for one cause,” she shared.

She added that while the ‘Donate’ option in SafeDavao QR app is not yet final, they have already arranged drop-off sites in D Farmers Market, Pryce Business Tower, Bajada Avenue for donations to Siargao Island. For Dinagat Island donations, donors would have the option to drop off relief goods at Maglasang Residence in Nangka Street, Donya Asuncion Homes, Barangay Pampanga.

“We can always help no matter our situation, we don’t necessarily need to have more to help, just find more ways to simply do,” expressed Cabales. ICM

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