What to Eat, What to Eat? - Weekend

What to Eat, What to Eat?

By Alexis Yap

YET the perennial question always remains – what to eat? And that catch 22-ish phrase has finally since been answered by two deliciously exciting words that have quickly become a name almost synonymous with Cebu eats itself – Sugbo Mercado.

UGLY DUMPLING’s Siomai and Fried Wonton

And I think many of you will agree that quite a handful of its concessionaires strive to deliver dishes out of the ordinary, some even nothing short of exciting, yes?

OG BURGERS AND RIBS’ Breakfast Burger

For where else in the Queen City of the South would you find yourself in an environment that dramatically reveals itself with every aroma you allow yourself to succumb to, with each step you take into its gastronomic underbelly?

SHROOM SHACK’s Mushroom Chowder

The Sugbo Mercado experience is simply a feast not just for the tummy but also definitely for the eyes! Vibrant colors visually assault one’s sight bringing life to scrumptious fares of cuisines from all over the world.

YELO MANGO’s Mango Float Shake

It is also a living, breathing, organic birthplace of ingenious food creations that get introduced to the eager Cebuano foodies who eventually become new fans.

NONNIES’ Salt and Pepper Squid on Japanese Seaweed Rice

What’s even more perfect? Chances are you’ll always find something new each time you visit.

CRUST’s Steak and Cheese Panini

Speaking of which, here’s a list of my new favorites at The Sugbo and what you might want to try there on your next visit. (In no particular order.)

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