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The Whys of Traveling

By Patricia May P. Catan

Illustration: Enrico Santisas

When you come across the question “How important is it to travel?” what exact answers do you have in mind? There are many whys when you decide that constant traveling must always be a part of your life. But sometimes you never truly realize its significance unless you write it down on paper. Enough with all the excuses that hinder you from traveling and begin to see its benefits and allow yourself to experience its beauty. Here’s a list of why you should consider traveling and do it as often as you can if you’re still searching for the right reason.

Traveling is therapeutic.

Don’t feel guilty of allowing yourself to take a breather when you’re having the serious case of a burnout. You deserve a time away from stress after tirelessly getting through every work week. Travel if you must and give your mind and body the healing time it needs.

Traveling connects you.

The beauty of seeing the world is that it expands your social network if you just put yourself out there. It connects you with people from all walks of life and from different parts of the world. Traveling will certainly improve your interpersonal skills and I don’t see why that’s not an advantage for you.
Traveling means knowing yourself deeper. It’s nice to schedule some “me time” when you’re overwhelmed with daily life. Traveling is a great opportunity to know yourself better if you’re one of the few brave souls who prefer going on a solo trip. The uncertainty will seem scary at first but one leap-of-faith decision should do it.

Traveling is an eye-opener.

It’s not every day that you get to immerse yourself in other cultures. I suggest after doing all the touristy stuff you spend the rest of your visit living like how the locals do to truly experience how it is firsthand. Traveling opens your mind to the world which is why you should do it more often.

Traveling is a culinary journey.

One of the best parts of traveling is trying all local dishes you can find and fit in your stomach. It’s an entirely new experience that leaves you wanting more. This culinary journey is the adventure of a lifetime, so don’t miss out on a new country’s delicacies especially its street food because you can’t go more authentic than that.

Traveling helps you become more organized.

Planning a trip may not be the easiest task because there’s so much to consider before you actually fly but it helps you organize your life in a way that benefits you for the good. Organization is the key to traveling for a less hassle and more fluid trip.

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