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Cool for the summer

By Patricia May P. Catan

Although we’ve recently experienced rain showers, they still don’t make up for the hot and humid weather. While hitting the beach is the most common remedy, it’s not exactly the quickest. Food and drinks, especially ones that give us the instant refreshment we need are the fastest solution to beat the heat. It’s summer after all, so food establishments are expected to cook up offerings that are fit for the season. Here are five summer coolers to keep us chilly in this weather.

Koala Tea’s Fruit Milk Series

Throwing it back to our childhood, Koala Tea is serving summer flavors that are reminiscent of our favorite fruit milks. Light, refreshing and milky, its fruit milk series has three different flavors – Banana Milk Tea, Strawberry Milk Tea and Papaya Milk Tea. This summer special is available in store today but for a limited time only.

Sol’s Halo-halo

Our all-time favorite summer chiller has always been the halo-halo and everyone’s current popular pick is Sol’s. Sol’s Halo-halo makes its product in the most unconventional way using its very own recipe of milk ice topped with fresh fruits then cornflakes and gulaman. The milk ice is what truly sets Sol’s apart from the other halo-halo makers for its modern take on the traditional recipe.

Swirl Dessert Corner’s Oreo Milk Tea Ice Cream

Swirl Dessert Corner’s new and improved milk tea ice cream is now topped with Oreo crumbs. The creamy texture of the swirl is best complemented by the Oreo crumbs that give it a new crunch experience in every bite. Aside from its milk tea swirl, the dessert corner also serves mango float that’s equally the ideal summer refresher we need.

Doppio’s Ice Cream

The ice cream at Doppio may be the low-key player on this list but it deserves recognition for its flavorful surprise in a single cup. Doppio is just one of the in-house food choices at Landers Superstore which also serves coffee and other light snacks. One cup of Doppio ice cream is so indulgent yet so affordable, you’d crave for a second one right away.

Tabléa Chocolate’s Summer Cooler Frios

All we need under the sweltering sun is to feel a little chill despite the unbearable weather. It’s one cool summer for us Cebuanos because Tabléa Chocolate has put together a drink that promises just that. The café gladly offers its summer cooler frios with flavors that range from chocolate, choco caramel, choco banana, mocha, banana, oreo, coffee chip, cookies and cream and strawberry to vanilla.

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