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Summer Swimmies

By Patricia May P. Catan

Illustrations by Enrico P. Santisas

The summer season also equates to swimwear shopping. It’s that time of year when women face the biggest dilemma of what type of bathing suit to get. It isn’t exactly rocket science but it’s usually a question of what flatters your body shape best. There are different cuts and styles made to fit every frame and if you’re still finding the perfect suit, here’s a guide to five specific shapes that will help you narrow down your selections.


Ladies with a slender body should look for one-piece suits with curved cutouts to accentuate their shape in the most flattering way. The cutouts will add dimension to their figure that’s usually defined by hip, waist and bust measurements. The focus on their waist is key, so a high-waist bikini bottom with side cutouts is also a great option to consider.


Women with a pear body shape will look great with side-tie bottoms with longer ties that hang all the way to the thigh as they carry most of their body weight in the hip and thigh area. Choose mid-tier bottoms instead of high-waist or low-rise bottoms as they work best for ladies with wider hips. If the right bottom fit is found, pair it with any top that covers but emphasizes the breasts.


Athletic shapes must go for bikini tops with flattering necklines like a scoop neck. This body type has a muscular build with broad shoulders and their best bet are tops with curved lines that lengthen the neck and highlight the collarbone. For bikini bottoms, choose ones with a thicker band and anything with cutouts and delicate details.


Curvy babes need to shy away from busy-printed suits and opt for a solid-colored bikini with clean lines. Fit is the focus for ladies with a waist wider than the hips and is about the same with the bust. Find something that’s proportionally balanced when paired with boy short bottoms since these will lend an instant lift to your behind.


Ladies with an hourglass figure should stick to a bikini and avoid wearing one-piece suits. This body shape has a waistline narrower than both shoulders and hips, so it’s best to show off the waistline with a two-piece suit. A monochromatic bikini is recommended to draw attention to the mid section and greatest asset.

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