Concert prepping 101 - Weekend

Concert prepping 101

How to prepare for the big event like a pro

By Patricia May P. Catan
Photos: Associated Press


WHETHER you’ve been to a concert a couple of times or it’s just your first time, you must have a full checklist on what you need to do or bring at a concert. To give concert goers an idea on what to prep for what will be one of the best days of their lives, here is a checklist that you might want to consider following when you have a concert to attend.

Get a good night’s sleep before concert day.

You need all the energy you can get on concert day because you’re going to do a lot of walking, standing, lining, singing, jumping, and screaming. So, you have to make sure that you’re in bed as early as possible the night before because you wouldn’t want to regret it the next day, yeah?

Wear something that’s comfortable and weather-appropriate.

You need to plan out your OOTD days or a night before the concert to save precious time. While choosing your clothes for the concert, bear in mind to pick something that’s comfortable and weather-appropriate. Wear something that you can freely move in because concerts will definitely get you hyped up.

Don’t forget to bring your fan banner, if any.

The ultimate fan girl accessory is your cheering banner to get your fave to notice you amid the sea of people (if you’re lucky enough). Take note that in most concerts, the maximum size allowed is a short bond paper’s measurement. If you’re caught raising a huge banner, the organizer or security has the right confiscate it.

Bring the smallest bag you can find.

You must avoid bringing bulky bags to a concert because aside from it being a hassle for you, it’s actually prohibited to bring big backpacks in most concerts. Choose a bag where you can safely store all your valuables such as your wallet, phone and power bank. A small body bag is advisable so you can easily put it in front of you when concert starts.

Choose your comfiest shoes.

Much like your OOTD, your footwear of choice is just as important. Sneakers is your best bet because they are obviously comfy enough to walk or run around. Don’t make your feet suffer by wearing something with heels because you’ll be standing for three or more hours at the concert.

Charge your phone up to a 100%.

It’s common sense for any concert goer to have their phone fully charged before the concert because you are sure to take lots of photos and videos at the concert. Also, don’t just waste your phone’s battery for unnecessary things even if you have a power bank with you.

Eat and drink well before entering concert venue.

Losing your appetite to eat before any concert is expected because you can’t help but get too excited to finally see your favorite artist/s perform live. While there are butterflies in your stomach, you just can’t allow yourself to starve. Grabbing something to eat and drink before the concert is recommended because again, you need a whole lot of energy during the concert.

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